The Year is Coming To an End

2013 is about to draw its curtain. And I kept reflecting on my whole year.
2013 has been the best year of my life. 
In January, we found out that we were pregnant. How we were over the moon.
Hubby knew I was pregnant before I even took the test. He said because my appetite has increased all of sudden. Because of the previous miscarriage, we decided to keep this to ourselves.
I remember how happy he was. He kept on saying 'Alhamdulillah'. Since then, his care for me multiplied.

By 10 weeks of pregnancy, we broke the news to our families and friends.
Everyone was as thrilled as us.

I finished my housemanship and became an MO. Yeay!!! That was a big step in a doctor's life. However, I was transferred to Kuala Dungun Terengganu, far away from hubby. The distances didn't stop us from spending every weekend together. It was like honeymoon period weekly:) 
We then, travelled to Seoul for a week, babymoon. Seoul was so beautiful.We just love the city. They kept their tradition amidst the urban lifestyle. You can see the hanbok village in the middle of the city, the old palace, The Joseon shrine and many more.

Being 6 months pregnant didn't stop me from visiting every places and savouring the memories together with my husband.

Hubby at Nami Island (Winter Sonata).

We came back from Seoul and had a family vacation in Tasik Kenyir. 
My husband and I organized a family holiday with my side of the family and later on his side of the family. We spent 2 days 1 night on a house boat in Tasik Kenyir. Being 7 months pregnant didn't stopped me from swimming in the lake. I just loved swimming and diving.
Still, my husband kept a watchful eyes on me.

I really love spending times with families. As you grow older, you appreciate families more and more.

We moved in to our new house. Started decorating it together.

My birthday arrived in September and hubby gave me a potrait of me. It was a very lovely surprised. I really loved it. Now it is hanged in our bedroom.
He is so sweet, wonderful and how I love him to the core of my being.

This is the year that we finally meet our precious angel. Everyone in the family was excited to meet her. She has so much love received from our families. Isabella is just so lucky.

She lights our live each day. We just can't imagine life without her.

Since her arrival, our life seemed to gain more and more. We are thankful to Allah for everything he has given us.

I started wearing hijab. Feel more content and happier than ever. My baby is my teacher. She changes me. I am a better person, wife, mother and doctor because of her. She softened my heart, makes me emphaty others more, kinder, more humble and I love this new changes in me.

Change and improvement is a blessing. We don't want to be the same forever do we?

Now for 2014, we are planning a trip to Paris-London. This trip will be more memorable with our little Isabella coming along. I just can't wait. Every year, there will be a new place to travel and create more memories of our love together.
Being married and creating your own little family is the best thing in life. It makes you want to better yourself with the support of your family.
Everything is possible. The world is your oyster.

2014 will be even better, brighter as I am planning for a bigger future, better career, opportunity to study and better myself and family.
To spend more time with my family and appreciate everyone equally.

Overall, 2014 is about family, love and success..
Hopefully everything that you and I dreamed will come true.

Goodbye 2013 
With Love


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