Tuesday, 3 January 2017


Happy New Year Guys!!!

I am not talking about new year yet.

I'm just going to start ranting on thingssss.

Isabella had HFMD 4 days ago.
High fever for a day followed by vesicles on the palms, buttock and soles.
Yesterday, my little baby Camelia started getting high fever.
I spotted immediately the rashes on the soles and behind the knees.


What a start for 2017.

She was so grumpy and clingy.

That was fine.

The worst one was the daddy.

He kept badgering me about taking his baby daughter to the hospital.

'Are you sure that this cream is good? Because the redness is not going away'

Me:Duhhh its HFMD. It doesn't disappear because a cream. It will run its course for atleast a week or more. (replying in my mind)

husband: Have you seen Camy's face?It's all swollen and red!! Are u sure that this is not an emergency?Lets go to the hospital !! 

It was 10 at night.

Me:It's ok. I will give some medicine to reduce the redness.

You see, my husband was clucking like a mother hen holding his baby girl everywhere and looking at me with accusing eyes like,'Are you sure you are a doctor?Are you sure you know what you are doing?If anything happens to my baby, just you'll see.

In the afternoon, he was complaining about Herbal blend cream, the organic, hypoallergic cream from Shaklee that I have been using on Camy.
He said that this cream did not seem to get rid of the vesicles.

It was not suppose to you see. The cream was to protect the skin from drying up and make it all the more itchy. It helps Camelia from feeling the pain and itchiness and prevent her from scratching.
No cream can shorten the duration of a viral illness such as HFMD.

Anyway, he insisted on going to the pharmacy. So we did.
I bought the standard cream, we give for kids in clinic and hospitals, the calamine lotion.

Sadly, Camy reacted from the lotion immediately.
That was how she got her face swollen all red like a tomato. Her eyes became narrow slit.

I knew it was an allergic reaction.

My husband became panic!!!
I decided to observe first.
Today morning, after shower, my maid apply Calamine lotion.
Immediately the whole body had red rashes , urticaria so bad.

Thats it I said to husband.
Camy cannot take this lotion. She has allergy towards it.
I asked the maid to wash her body from the lotion and apply Herbal blend again.
Image result for herbal blend cream
Guess what?

The rashes slowly subside.

So I said to husband that he should just relax instead of panicking and making everything worse.

My poor baby was scratching everywhere and so cranky.

Do you know that I had a 3 hours sleep last night because Camy couldn't sleep. She was so uncomfortable and cranky that she changed her position and needed reassurance from mommy every now and then.

Man, being a parent needs a lot of patience.

I woke this morning feeling very ting tong.

My body is all aching.

Camy had a bottle of milk and immediately vomit on our bed.

And the she continued vomiting on the floor as I rushed her to the bathroom.

More work for mommy.

Had to change the bedsheet and mop the floor.

After shower, I fed her medicine and she vomitted on the kitchen's floor pulak.

Ok takpe maid wiped it.

Finally it was nap time.

I smelled something so bad.

I told hubby that Isabella had pooped which she did and it was such a foul smell.

The thing was, the smell lingers even after.

It was Camy's diapers and she was sleeping on my chest.

This pregnancy, I really can't take the smell.

I rushed to the bathroom and washed her.

As I thought everything was done and I started lying down on the bed.

What is this brown thingy on my t-shirt.

Smelled it.


Tahi Camy.

Busuk gila.

Terus masuk mandi.

Sambil pk apalah nasib aku ni.
Jadi mak ni memang kadang2 ada tahi kat baju no.

Friday, 30 December 2016


Happy Friday everyone!!

Cip baru saja dapat sorang maid kita panggil Kak Su.
She's 40 years old.
Pernah bekerja di Makkah.
Alhamdulillah she is adjusting well.

Orang dah biasa kerjakan so senanglah Cip takyah cakap banyak-banhak.

One fine day, nak request Kak Su masak nasi mandy.

Minggu lepas, Cip memang super busy sampai tak jumpa anak-anak sangat pun.
Dengan seminar Millionaire marketing mastery by Dr Azizan la, dengan urusan bisnes dan akaun.

Minggu ni Cip just santai spend masa dengan anak-anak. Suami pulak baru balik dari outstation seminggu.
Bisnes ni memanglah busy.
Kalau orang kata nak berniaga sebab nak relax, memang dia terkejutlah nanti.
Bisnes lebih sibuk dari makan gaji.
Cuma bezanya pulangannya jauh lebih banyak. Maybe 10x ganda macam tu.
Dan bisnes ni masa kita flexible.
Kita tak terikat dengan jadual.
Ada masa kita perlu luangkan dengan family, so kita bayar balik pada anak-anak.
Most of the time anak-anak depan mata sebab ofis Cip di tingkat 1 rumah.
Cuma ada masa kami suami-isteri perlu keluar uruskan hal syarikat.

Tahun 2016 dah nak habis. Cepatnya masa berlalu. Cip nak kena siapkan marketing planning 2017 ni.

2017 Cip akan sibuk menyelit dengan seminar DAO lagi.
Tapi I'm so excited sebab Cip menjangkakan sale RYG in 2017 akan hit sejuta sebulan.
Bulan Januari pulak RYG akan buat seminar bisnes yang pertama.
Then Cip akan pergi holiday ke Tokyo.
Malangnya akibat kesibukan ini, Cip belum prepare travelling details pun lagi.
Banyak betul kerja bertangguh. Rasa nak tampar muka saja.

Sekarang ni Cip pregnant at 13 weeks. Alhamdulillah baby sihat.
Harap-harap baby boy.
Kalau boy lengkaplah keluarga dan mommy bolehlah stop beranak😂.

Ok guys have a great day.

Monday, 24 October 2016


I quit my job!!

Yes I did, 5 months ago.

With the intention to change my life, to focus on business, I braved myself and just quit.

No more Doctor patients relationship.

No more late night work.

No more weekends at work.

All I ever wanted was to have a luxury of time with my children and create a fortune doing things I love.

Since young, I have been secretly wishing to build my own business.

Because as a form 3 student, I understood, the only way to reach financial freedom is through business.

When I quit my job, I had nothing.
Little to almost no savings as I kept on digging my Tabung during emergency.
Lots of debts.
No time for family.
Not happy.

It has been a year since I build Rich Young Group.

From RM 10 000 sale per month up to 6 figures numbers per month.

From having only me in the team, I now have more than 300 business teams.


Now, my husband is joining the venture with me.
And we are planning on how to expand, to make it bigger and wider.

I am truly blessed with our achievements.

I believe RYG Sdn. bhd will grow tremendously.

Aiming for 7 figures number now.

I would say that I made the wisest decision for me and my family.

I am ecstatic.
When you do what you love, you will immerse yourself and give your 100% into it.
It never felt like work at all.

Your dreams matter.
Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
Life is very short.
So don't let your fear hold you back.
Just go for it!!

And you will be surprised how everything is actually meant for you.


Thursday, 4 August 2016

Review on Q-dees and FEES

Good morning,

Isabella just loved her school.

Today she woke up on her own and she said,'Isabella nak pergi school ni. Isabella painting'.

Yesterday, her teacher sent me a photo of her painting.

I literally laughed.
I couldn't even believe that she can hold the brush on her own, let alone paint simple pictures.

I guess my almost 3 years old baby is a big girl now.

Sobb sobb.

Maybe she wants to be an artist and painting is her hobby.

But mommy wants you to be a businesswoman.

It is still early.

The headmistress commented that 'she is very smart'.

Mommy terus gelak.

Like seriously teacher???

Is she really that smart?

Macam lawak saja. Hahahaha.

If you guys are staying somewhere near Melawati, I do recommend Tadika Sinar Ilham, Q-dees Melawati.

It is excellent.

The teachers are senior and with proper education.
The headmistress was a graduate from the UK.

The language medium is English.
They teach kids according to the development.
Meaning, there are lots of fun activities.
For 4 years old, they have swimming as well.

Isabella has attended for 4 days now and I can see that she can form better sentences when she speaks.
She doesn't asnwer questions with a simple Yes or No.
She answers full now.

She just can't wait to go to school.
She gets so excited.

She also hugs her class teacher when she sees her in the morning.

She only does that to a few of her relatives, not to everyone.
Only to those who were really nice to her.

I guess the teacher was really nice to her.

We are glad that our daughter is adjusting really well and very enthusiastic with her new school.
I think it is very important to let our children enjoy going to school.
That's why we chose the best on for her.
We too months and months surveying the kiddy around this area.

The annual fee was RM 1300 plus.
It comes with her reading books, CD and school uniform.

Class start from 8.30 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Monday to Friday.
On Monday, they have water play.
On Friday, they have gym class.

Per month only RM 260 and every 4 month RM 270 (a new semester).
Then, it goes back to RM 260 again.

I think the price is very reasonable.
This was Isabella when she was a baby.
Now, she has start her kiddy. Later she will go to primary school and so on.
Before I know it, she is getting married and leaving me.
So sadd!!

Ok guys, gotta go now.

Saturday, 11 June 2016



I can't believe my last entry was in March.

Omg!! That was such a long hiatus.
But the thing was... you guys still visiting this blog for like 500 view ears per day.

A lot of things have happened.

I have been so busy since March.

Alhamdulillah my business is blooming.

I cannot thank Allah S.W.T enough for this gift.
My business team Rich Young Group has expanded beyond.
We have 13 leaders now earning 4 figures income.
We have 50 business partners actively sharing the health benefits from Shaklee.

And the last 4 months, I have started earning 5 figures income.
In July however, it will be the first time that my income reach number 2x xxx.

This is a blessing.
This health business is my passion.
My business is my baby.
There are so many things for me to do.
It is time consuming.
Thus, I had to leave my old job.
It has been 2 months now.

Isabella has started school in Q-dees.
She loves it.
Today is the third day that we drop her to school.

She started shouting joyfully as soon as she saw her kindergarten.
She ran to hug her teacher.

My husband and I was saying that the teacher must be really nice to her for she doesn't just hug anyone like that.
Only few uncles and Tok shu.

I will write more about Q-dees.
What I love about this Q-dees.

Dun worry.
I will start blogging again.
So much to share.
I am planning a trip to Japan soon.
Also planning for Camy's aqiqah.
Fuhh!! Too many things to think about for now.


Wednesday, 9 March 2016





Ramai ibu2 yg termengandung cepat sgt sedangkan anak Bongsu masih kecil, menangis kt doktor cakap tak bersedia.

Tak bersedia dari segi kesibukan, anak kecil perlukan perhatian dan kewangan.

Ada yg sampai mnta ubat bg gugur.

MasyaAllah saya tak boleh buat sebegitu kerana ia melanggar etika saya sebagai seorang doktor yg beragama Islam.

Rezeki Allah S.W.T nak bagi kerana Allah Maha MENGETAHUI.

Saya masih ingat kesakitan, kepenatan, kesusahan semasa mengandung anak pertama. Sehingga terpaksa duduk atas kerusi roda selama sebulan akibat kemalangan kereta yg menyebabkan sakit tulang belakang.

Akibatnya tulang saya lemah. Sering saya susah bergerak.

Anak kedua tiba bila masa saya sibuk mengejar anak pertama berlari2 aktif.

Saya berdoa,' Ya Allah, aku tahu aku belum mampu, aku tahu aku belum bersedia secara fizikal utk mengandung lagi. Aku masih ingat segala ujian yg lepas. Tapi aku percaya kpd hikmah ini. Aku pohon Kau permudahkan urusan aku'.

Mengandung kedua masih alahan teruk. Masih lembik, anemia, penat ya Amat.
Suara di klinik makin lama Makin berbisik. Pesakit pun xdengar saya cakap APA. Namun begitu ketika saya berasa sgt2 lemah, ketika saya menangis dibahu suami..

'I tak larat lagi. I tak mampu nak bertahan lagi 4 bulan macamni. I rasa mcm nak pengsan balik kerja lewat2 mcmni..'

Allah terdetik pd hati saya untuk mencuba sesuatu yg saya sgt against before this.

Saya yakin saya tak perlu supplements Shaklee. Saya yakin cukup dgn ubat tambah darah dari klinik kesihatan dan minum susu.

Tapi kenapa masih low hb?
Kenapa masih penat sgt ni?
Kenapa masih rasa nak pengsan, pening2 dan sakit tulang dan otot?
Kenapa saya masih ada cramp lagi??

Ada seorang senior saya doktor juga pesan, minum susu Dutch lady nanti gula naik.

Saya buat tak peduli sb habis tu saya nak cramp kaki malam2 ni camne.

MasyaAllah gula saya terus naik.

Hampir nak kena kencing manis semasa mengandung.


Terus stop minum susu. Susu ni manis byk lemak tpi kandungan kalsium tak tinggi pun.

Hbs tu saya nak buat APA ni??

Terus tetiba Allah detikkan pd hati saya, cuba ESP Shaklee.

Saya yg tak suka Shaklee tanpa sebab sblmni. Tak suka soya. Sampai skrg saya tak suka rasa soya. Tak boleh telan pil. Saya boleh terfikir nak ambik ESP.

Lalu saya contact sahabat saya seorang doktor yg juga menjual Shaklee, Dr Maryam.

Saya ceritakan masalah saya. Beliau suggest ESP dan Osteomatrix.

Saya beli dan terus makan.

Saya bancuh ESP saya dgn milo utk buang rasa soya. Memang sedap sgt!! Saya suka sgt rasanya campuran ini.

Malam kedua saya tido tanpa cramp kaki.
Saya masih igt sb setiap mlm saya cramp 5x sampai suami mesti kena bgn utk urut kaki. Saya mesti menangis.
Fobia tidur.

Hari kedua lepas ambil ESP dan Osteomatrix saya tidak lagi penat, tiada lagi cramp.

Saya kerja 9 pg sehingga 10 mlm.
Selalunya jam 8 mlm tu saya dah bateri low. Semua staffs tau. Tapi tetiba jam 8 mlm saya masih mcm jam 9pg. Gelak2 senyum buat lawak. Usik pesakit. Saya happy sgt sb saya cergas dan bertenaga.

Alhamdulillah. Syukurnya dgn kesihatan ini.

Lepas seminggu org smua tgur saya berseri semasa mengandung.

'Doktor nampak berseri. Kulit doktor tak pucat lesi lagi'.

Allah ada banyak cara nak bantu kita.
Tapi kita kena berusaha mencari jawapan utk segala masalah.

Mengandung kali kedua saya penuh dgn kemanisan.

Saya tak lagi fobia MENGANDUNG.

In fact saya look forward utk mengandung lagi 2-3 tahun hahhahahahaha.

Utk fokus pada bisnes dan anak2 dahulu.

Maka begitulah saya dari doktor anti Shaklee menjadi penyokong produk Shaklee yg tegar.

Saya pohon agar Allah S.W. T tunjukkan perancanganNYA.
Dan ini perancanganNya.
Kalau tak sihat, cari penawar.
Rahsia Allah meluas.
Even seorang doktor yg rasa tahu semua benda pun tak tahu banyak benda.

Kini hidup saya dipenuhi dgn kasih-sayang anak2 dan suami.

Suami tanya,'U syg Camy tak??' sambil suami gomoi2 baby Camy.

'Mestilah syg. Setiap masa I susukan dia,' serius saya bersyukur sgt Allah anugerahkan anak2 saya termasuk Camelia.

Sygnya mommy kpd Camy.
Alhamdulillah, bersyukur Allah S.W. T tak dgr rungutan karut aku.
Kerana Allah Maha Menhetahui apa yg kita tak ketahui.

Jadi ibu2 kalau ada masalah dan terasa berat dgn cabaran dihadapan kita, jgn khuatir kerana rahsia Allah terlalu besar, tak dpat kita jangka dari awal.

Dr Hasifah
SID Shaklee
012-330 0780

Friday, 4 March 2016

Mommy I don't want

Some kids still nursing even after 2 years old.
Whenever Baby Camy cries, Isabella will call mommy because baby wants milk.
She is so concerned about her baby.

So, yesterday, Isabella asked for milk,'Mommy I want chocolate milk'.

Mommy was so lazy to get up so I offer her my breast milk.

She said No!
Like really no.

I got curious so I pulled her onto my lap and pretended to breastfeed her.
The poor girl cried so loud. LOL.

'Mommy, I don't want!!'

Turning her face away..
I guess to her it must be weird or disgusting.

Huh How dare dia lupa daratan hehehe. She used to live with this milk.