Review on Q-dees and FEES

Good morning,

Isabella just loved her school.

Today she woke up on her own and she said,'Isabella nak pergi school ni. Isabella painting'.

Yesterday, her teacher sent me a photo of her painting.

I literally laughed.
I couldn't even believe that she can hold the brush on her own, let alone paint simple pictures.

I guess my almost 3 years old baby is a big girl now.

Sobb sobb.

Maybe she wants to be an artist and painting is her hobby.

But mommy wants you to be a businesswoman.

It is still early.

The headmistress commented that 'she is very smart'.

Mommy terus gelak.

Like seriously teacher???

Is she really that smart?

Macam lawak saja. Hahahaha.

If you guys are staying somewhere near Melawati, I do recommend Tadika Sinar Ilham, Q-dees Melawati.

It is excellent.

The teachers are senior and with proper education.
The headmistress was a graduate from the UK.

The language medium is English.
They teach kids according to the development.
Meaning, there are lots of fun activities.
For 4 years old, they have swimming as well.

Isabella has attended for 4 days now and I can see that she can form better sentences when she speaks.
She doesn't asnwer questions with a simple Yes or No.
She answers full now.

She just can't wait to go to school.
She gets so excited.

She also hugs her class teacher when she sees her in the morning.

She only does that to a few of her relatives, not to everyone.
Only to those who were really nice to her.

I guess the teacher was really nice to her.

We are glad that our daughter is adjusting really well and very enthusiastic with her new school.
I think it is very important to let our children enjoy going to school.
That's why we chose the best on for her.
We too months and months surveying the kiddy around this area.

The annual fee was RM 1300 plus.
It comes with her reading books, CD and school uniform.

Class start from 8.30 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Monday to Friday.
On Monday, they have water play.
On Friday, they have gym class.

Per month only RM 260 and every 4 month RM 270 (a new semester).
Then, it goes back to RM 260 again.

I think the price is very reasonable.
This was Isabella when she was a baby.
Now, she has start her kiddy. Later she will go to primary school and so on.
Before I know it, she is getting married and leaving me.
So sadd!!

Ok guys, gotta go now.


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