Happy New Year Guys!!!

I am not talking about new year yet.

I'm just going to start ranting on thingssss.

Isabella had HFMD 4 days ago.
High fever for a day followed by vesicles on the palms, buttock and soles.
Yesterday, my little baby Camelia started getting high fever.
I spotted immediately the rashes on the soles and behind the knees.


What a start for 2017.

She was so grumpy and clingy.

That was fine.

The worst one was the daddy.

He kept badgering me about taking his baby daughter to the hospital.

'Are you sure that this cream is good? Because the redness is not going away'

Me:Duhhh its HFMD. It doesn't disappear because a cream. It will run its course for atleast a week or more. (replying in my mind)

husband: Have you seen Camy's face?It's all swollen and red!! Are u sure that this is not an emergency?Lets go to the hospital !! 

It was 10 at night.

Me:It's ok. I will give some medicine to reduce the redness.

You see, my husband was clucking like a mother hen holding his baby girl everywhere and looking at me with accusing eyes like,'Are you sure you are a doctor?Are you sure you know what you are doing?If anything happens to my baby, just you'll see.

In the afternoon, he was complaining about Herbal blend cream, the organic, hypoallergic cream from Shaklee that I have been using on Camy.
He said that this cream did not seem to get rid of the vesicles.

It was not suppose to you see. The cream was to protect the skin from drying up and make it all the more itchy. It helps Camelia from feeling the pain and itchiness and prevent her from scratching.
No cream can shorten the duration of a viral illness such as HFMD.

Anyway, he insisted on going to the pharmacy. So we did.
I bought the standard cream, we give for kids in clinic and hospitals, the calamine lotion.

Sadly, Camy reacted from the lotion immediately.
That was how she got her face swollen all red like a tomato. Her eyes became narrow slit.

I knew it was an allergic reaction.

My husband became panic!!!
I decided to observe first.
Today morning, after shower, my maid apply Calamine lotion.
Immediately the whole body had red rashes , urticaria so bad.

Thats it I said to husband.
Camy cannot take this lotion. She has allergy towards it.
I asked the maid to wash her body from the lotion and apply Herbal blend again.
Image result for herbal blend cream
Guess what?

The rashes slowly subside.

So I said to husband that he should just relax instead of panicking and making everything worse.

My poor baby was scratching everywhere and so cranky.

Do you know that I had a 3 hours sleep last night because Camy couldn't sleep. She was so uncomfortable and cranky that she changed her position and needed reassurance from mommy every now and then.

Man, being a parent needs a lot of patience.

I woke this morning feeling very ting tong.

My body is all aching.

Camy had a bottle of milk and immediately vomit on our bed.

And the she continued vomiting on the floor as I rushed her to the bathroom.

More work for mommy.

Had to change the bedsheet and mop the floor.

After shower, I fed her medicine and she vomitted on the kitchen's floor pulak.

Ok takpe maid wiped it.

Finally it was nap time.

I smelled something so bad.

I told hubby that Isabella had pooped which she did and it was such a foul smell.

The thing was, the smell lingers even after.

It was Camy's diapers and she was sleeping on my chest.

This pregnancy, I really can't take the smell.

I rushed to the bathroom and washed her.

As I thought everything was done and I started lying down on the bed.

What is this brown thingy on my t-shirt.

Smelled it.


Tahi Camy.

Busuk gila.

Terus masuk mandi.

Sambil pk apalah nasib aku ni.
Jadi mak ni memang kadang2 ada tahi kat baju no.


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