Good Friday everyone,

I have so much to share about my life since a lot has happening lately. But I don't know where to start.

Life has been great for us. Business is growing so well.
And I am 33 weeks pregnant. Yeay!!

It is a baby boy.

Recently, we have received 7 business awards in Shaklee's national convention and we were one of the guest speaker.

We were so honored for the recognition. May 2018 bring more glory to Rich Young Group Team.

I'll share the trophies and big cheque in another post.

The best thing about going to an event is that you get to shop. Or you have an excuse to shop. hehehe..

There was this Diorever bag that had caught my eyes.
I was telling hubby that I need it since the theme for NC was gold and black. So I need a gold color bag.

It would be perfect!!

He didn't get it though since the whole bag could buy a second hand myvi.
Well, I do not want a Myvi. I want that bag.

So I got it!!

Right after the event, we have scored again!!

Our sale has increased tremendously and we have produced a new Master Coordinator under our team. In just a year.

So you know I need to reward myself right??

I am thinking about a Chanel classic in black. That would be nice addition to my closet.
picture from google

I prefer the medium or small size as they look very chic and suitable for just an everyday wear.

Jumbo is too huge to my liking.

I need them in 3 colors for now. Black, nude and pale pink.
Easily match right.

Ok, that's all for now. Need to get ready for work. We are having a staff meeting this morning.

Have a great weekend guys.


  1. Welkem back cip..
    So long..
    Btw dat chanel...mesti kena beli 3 3 colors tu..senang nak match nnt.


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