I quit my job!!

Yes I did, 5 months ago.

With the intention to change my life, to focus on business, I braved myself and just quit.

No more Doctor patients relationship.

No more late night work.

No more weekends at work.

All I ever wanted was to have a luxury of time with my children and create a fortune doing things I love.

Since young, I have been secretly wishing to build my own business.

Because as a form 3 student, I understood, the only way to reach financial freedom is through business.

When I quit my job, I had nothing.
Little to almost no savings as I kept on digging my Tabung during emergency.
Lots of debts.
No time for family.
Not happy.

It has been a year since I build Rich Young Group.

From RM 10 000 sale per month up to 6 figures numbers per month.

From having only me in the team, I now have more than 300 business teams.


Now, my husband is joining the venture with me.
And we are planning on how to expand, to make it bigger and wider.

I am truly blessed with our achievements.

I believe RYG Sdn. bhd will grow tremendously.

Aiming for 7 figures number now.

I would say that I made the wisest decision for me and my family.

I am ecstatic.
When you do what you love, you will immerse yourself and give your 100% into it.
It never felt like work at all.

Your dreams matter.
Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
Life is very short.
So don't let your fear hold you back.
Just go for it!!

And you will be surprised how everything is actually meant for you.



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  2. May ALLAH ease the journey Kak Shipah!
    I want to do business too but just not brave enough yet T.T

  3. Dr...
    as a woman, as mother myself I really envy you.. I love reading your blog! Am not shame with you all whosoever reading this... I'm in deep shit now after quitting my job. I struggle everyday and only God knows what I'm going through everyday.... I wish you the best in life.. keep on motivating us.


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