I can't believe my last entry was in March.

Omg!! That was such a long hiatus.
But the thing was... you guys still visiting this blog for like 500 view ears per day.

A lot of things have happened.

I have been so busy since March.

Alhamdulillah my business is blooming.

I cannot thank Allah S.W.T enough for this gift.
My business team Rich Young Group has expanded beyond.
We have 13 leaders now earning 4 figures income.
We have 50 business partners actively sharing the health benefits from Shaklee.

And the last 4 months, I have started earning 5 figures income.
In July however, it will be the first time that my income reach number 2x xxx.

This is a blessing.
This health business is my passion.
My business is my baby.
There are so many things for me to do.
It is time consuming.
Thus, I had to leave my old job.
It has been 2 months now.

Isabella has started school in Q-dees.
She loves it.
Today is the third day that we drop her to school.

She started shouting joyfully as soon as she saw her kindergarten.
She ran to hug her teacher.

My husband and I was saying that the teacher must be really nice to her for she doesn't just hug anyone like that.
Only few uncles and Tok shu.

I will write more about Q-dees.
What I love about this Q-dees.

Dun worry.
I will start blogging again.
So much to share.
I am planning a trip to Japan soon.
Also planning for Camy's aqiqah.
Fuhh!! Too many things to think about for now.



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