The Circle Of Life

Being a daughter you have to always be respectful to your parents. Eventhough at times you don't agree with them. Sigh* I always try. However, when it comes to their health and well being, that is when I would step in and be my strict self.

I have some traits which I inherited from my dad and some from my mom.
The one I inherited from my dad, makes me disagreeable with him in few sense.
My dad is the relax kind but I am the systematic, fast and have to do it all correctly.
So we went back to Kulim last weekend as my husband is still working. My dad was driving and he was the worst kind of driver ever.
He couldn't drive straight, especially when a lorry is at the next lane. While overtaking the lorry, his car would moved nearer and nearer towards the lorry's side to the extend that the lorry driver would honk him.
As I am very cautious, I just couldn't sleep. I would keep watching and advising him on his driving method. No wonder mom kept on complaining to him how she didn't feel safe when she rides with him. 
Well being a husband and a man, he never admitted that his technique has flaws. He would replied back and scold mama.

mama:Abg break abg. qeta depan dah berhenti abg dok laju lagi. Bahaya!
daddy: Haish!org taula.mama tidoqla!Tak pun mama bawak.
Ended up with my mom making a long face and the long silent treatment. Awkward.

Well, that rules never applied to me. 
Me: ayah, dekat sgt dengan lori ni!!takutla. Mai adik bawakla. Ayah jaga baby kat belakang.
Mommy kept quiet.
ayah: haish!x melelong aih. Org taula.
me: Kalau tak dekat dgn lori drebar tu tak honk ayah. Ayah ni bawak qeta merbahaya ayah tau tak. Klu org len bawak dah lama eksiden. Ayah ni adik pelik awat tak eksiden pun.Teori adik mengatakan sb malaikat lindung ayah sb ayah suka tolong org dan rajin baca Quran. Kalau tidak, dh lama dah eksiden klu dok melelong laguni.

ayah kept silent.
me: Kita xpayah nak gopoh gapah, nanti sampai jugak. Ayah tak sygka kat cucu ayah ni satgi terpelanting keluaq.

The whole journey was smooth after that. His driving improved. hahahhaa.

I was gonna stay in Kulim while mama and ayah would go back to Putrajaya.
So when I shook hands with them I said to ayah, drive safely okay.

ayah:eh ayah mmg bawa elok.
mama just smirked and said,'Kalau mama yg teguq dia bawa qeta mmg da kena marah. Adik tegoq ja dia tak marah'.

me:Ayah jgn garang sgt dgn mama. Kalau dia tegoq tu sb betoi. Utk kebaikan ayah.
mama, tgk ayah bawa, kalau tak elok, tegoq saja.Kalau dia marah bagitau adik.

Today, I called mama and she said,'Ayah was so nice and he didn't scold me at all during the drive. In fact he followed my suggestion for a stop at the market in Perak to get fruits and ulam. We went to visit few places along the way to KL. It was a very enjoyable journey.

But he did remind me to tell you,' Adik ayah dah baik banyak kali ni, tak marah mama langsung'.

That is my father, he never scolded me and I am the only person who can give an opinion on him freely which I rarely do. He is my best man. Whatever he does best, I would gloat for him. I would listen to his stories about my childhood agaian and again eventhough he would tell me during my every visit. Just humor him.
For creating a mess at home, being his too relaxing self even during an emergency, I would close my eyes for him. He gets a free pass.
For forgetting to take his diabetic meds, I would chased him with a glucometer to inject his fingers, to check his glucose level.Which he hates.

I would lecture him on the benefits of a good diet whenever he eats a late dinner or supper.
That is because,'You are the only one I have. I want you to live long and healthy. Until Isabella gets married and more.

He replied,'I don't think I can'.

Atleast you should try, right??

-The end-


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