Putting others need before ours

I am taking isabella to the clinic for her 2nd month jab an check up. This time I am using her stroller.

I saw an old lady with a very bad knee, walking with gait holding a newborn. She seemed to be in pain on every steps that she took. She was also overweight and I am guessing that she is around 60's.

She was here to help her son to carry the baby. The baby's mother probably at home for confinement period.

Poor lady, she can barely carry her weight on the knees an now she has to carry a baby.

I understand that she wanted to help her children. That is what mothers do. However, as their children shouldn't we consider our parents condition before burdening them. Are they strong enough? healthy enough? They will never say no to us. It is difficult to juggle a baby on our own but there is a way. Since this is our baby, let us burden ourselves. Unless our parents are healthy, no sickness and are willing to step in, by all means help yourself.

My mother in law is a very kind mother, very loving. She acts as if she is still young and can take over the world. She still chase after her grandchildren and tried to discipline them. But the truth is I know she has bad knees which bothers her at the end of the day. She has high blood pressure which gives her headche whenever she is too exhausted. These are the things I would check on her, reminding my husband how his mother feels since his mother never complains. Never. She would do anything for her children. But it is the thing they don't show us that matters at times. So let us be more observant to our parents and cater to their needs as much as we cater to our children. Remember, if we feel tired, they must have felt ever worse. Adter all they are way older.

A reminder to myself..

Thank you


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