Using my doctor status..

I hate using my Dr status whenever my family members get admitted. 
But sometimes I feel like ED Putrajaya is too much. There is something wrong about the triage. Eventhough they are so empty in comparison to other hospitals. Mind, this is not my first visit here. 

Isabella was brought by an ambulance straight away after the head injury. Referred by the specialist. I was directed to triage where a lady houseman asked me,
'Anak puan jatuh ye?Hmm lps jatuh active tak?Nangis tak?'

She didn't even look at Isabella or the bump on her head.

I was annoyed but still keeping it under control. I never wanted to be a fussy mother or a bitchy one.

I said,' She cried but she wasn't active'.

ho: Hmm xpela beratur tgu doc panggil (green zone).

I was like hmm green?2 months old fell on her head u gave me green.
sigh.. ok xpe sabar. She didn't even asked the story, how high the fall or even read the referral letter.

So the number right at the moment was 44 and mine was 45. Ok since I would be next I didn't feel like arguing. The doctor will check isabella and i will request for a CT and admission if they decide otherwise.

I waited for 30 minutes still not being called.

I looked down to Isabella, she was asleep. I tried to wake her up making sure she was not unconscious.
She didn't respond.

Slap her butt harder.
No response.
Tried doing everything , she didn't wake up even when i called.

Rushed to triage and said,'Dia xbgn'.

Houseman in triage grind her chest with the knuckles hard, and slowly Isabella moved.

The houseman panicked and said to take us to the yellow zone. 
I was already pissed off.

She asked me,'Sapa nama baby puan?'
me: I am not puan to u and this baby is the baby of Dr Hasifah ok?

And I walked off to yellow zone which was by the way empty.

Ct brain isabella immediately showed Subarachnoid hemorrhage and a little spot of subdural.

They just needed bitches to be competent.

In the ward, a bed opposite Isabella's bed, there was lady whom i recognized.
She actually took her 5 months old baby to me when I was working in a clinic.
Temp was 39 at home, baby was less active according to mother.

I looked at him, pale, subcostal recession, tachypneic RR80,temp not that high in clinic as the mother claimed to have  just given supp pcm.
lungs: crepitation everywhere.

Still I believed the mother's story and clinically this child looked bad.

I wrote a referral letter and asked them to go to ED hospital. This baby looked bad and he needed hospital admission.

The parents came to ED hospital putrajaya and submitted the referral letter to triage. Told them about her baby. They said,'ambik no tgu giliran ye puan'.

didn't even glance at the baby. 

She waited for 1 and a half hour to be traiged before they saw the baby's condition and pushed him to the yellow zone.

Why can't they recognize an emergency? why can't a doctor prioritize?

Why do we make patients suffer?


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