Isabella first time flying

We are going back to Putrajaya today, Isabella and I.
I choose the Malindo Air as it is much cheaper than Air Asia and I want to try the service.

I took the flight from Penang to KLIA.

Praying for a smooth journey as this is the first time that I am flying with a baby. The good thing about Malindo Air is, they let me check in 15 kg of luggage free. So I only have Isabella with me as a hand carry:)

If she passes this test, then we will take her flying a lot more.hahaha. Travelling again.

Good Luck to me!!

On my lap at the free wifi are.

Fingers in the mouth means breastfeeding again.
Luckily they have a breastfeeding area at the baby changing room.

She got few mosquito bites on her cheeks and forehead.

Baby trying to be Upin and Ipin:)


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