My Father's Rules

I am exhausted!
I am the kind of person who doesn't chill, just never sit still unless I'm asleep.
I will push myself to a certain extend when I feel to weak to get up, to sleepy even to open my eyes, too anything.
As much as I like my hardworking side, you-can-do-it-all character, sometimes I  hate myself for it too.
Why can't I just choose one day to stay home and lie on my bed, and never get up??

Arrghh!I have my dad to be blamed. He used to say 'Not to waste time'.

'We shouldn't complaint'.

He and his rules.

Scenario when I was in standard 1:-

1)One day I was having a fever and I felt too weak to go to school. I have never missed school and I rarely fell sick. I have never visited a clinic before.

So one day I said, 'Adik tak laratla ayah'.
ayah:haish tak baik ckp xlarat, nanti Allah bagi tak larat sungguh.
me:tapi adik mmg xsihat
ayah:haish tak baik ckp lagu tu.Allah bg sihat p ckp xsihat.
me:Tapi adik demam
ayah:haish tak baik ckp demam nanti demam sungguh.

Hmmm, pointless to argue because we'll go on a circle again and again.

2)When other people complaints about their jobs and live, he would say to me..

Hidup ni kita jgn byk komplen. Kita patut cari penyelesaian. Kalau kita tak cukup duit, kita cari duit extra, kalau kita nak berjaya kita usaha, Ni ayah tgk org asyik dok sembang saja pasai tu pasai ni semua tak kena. Dalam masa depa dok komplen tu, orang dah naik ke angkasa pastu turun balik dah ke bumi, depa tak habih cerita lagi. Maksudnya adik, kalau kita asyik bercakap tapi tak bertindak, kita takkan kemana-mana. Lebih baik kita bertindak dalam diam.

Ok ayah. I won't complain.

3)ayah: Adik, camna keja? Ok?
me:Ok tapi adik rasa penat dah. Kepala pun sakit.
ayah:Gamak rasa sakit , tak sihat tu, adik ambik duit lap dahi. Hilanglah sakit kepala.
He made me laughed.
He meant we should set the goal and when we achieved it, the goal itself will cure the suffering.

My father has a way of teaching me about life. He is the best example of a man who doesn't talk rubbish, doesn't bad mouth others, does not complain but very ambitious and has high expectation in me and everyone. His standard is high. That is why my husband's knees quiver whenever he thought about meeting my family before we were married.

'Mengaji kena kemaih' he said.

Yes father.

Kita kena jadi orang kemaih. Jangan nanti org tgk kita kemerey (look down on us) saja.

Baik ayah.

Kalau adik tak hebat ayah malu sebab ayah ajaq anak org sampai jadi jutawan, jadi orang politik, jadi professor, jadi macam-macam. Takkan anak sorang tak boleh ajaq kot.

I understand father.

Sigh* not easy being his only child. If I fail, there is nobody else to carry out his will.

And that is why I have high expectations on myself, on my husband and it tire both of us at times.

That is why, there is an articles saying a daughter who has good relationship with her father will be successful, confident and many more. That is the role of a father and child activities in the child's life.

It is not easy being a father.


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