Each Moment That Counts..Watching Your Baby Grow each day..

I have just reached work and I miss Isabella already.
besotted mommy.
Aren't we all.

Isabella is my most favourite things to do.

1)Breastfeeding Isabella. I just love 'bonding time'.
That is the time when she will look at me while drinking. If I even took my eyes off her and watch Korean drama, hmm she'll pull away from the breast. And starts whining. She is demanding just like me, impatience.sigh* when you see your baby gets your not so pretty characters. hahaha
And now, you have to deal with it just like your husband deal with you.

2)I love seeing how chubby she has become. Looking at the tyres of her thighs. Arrgh satisfaction. Those are mommy's hard work.

3)These days she has grown stronger. She can hold her head for very long. Her back is straighter when she sits with my support. She can support her upper body on her hands and start doing land swimming. It was so cute seeing the video, how she struggled like a comando but it took her nowhere. hahaha. Land swimming is a preparation stage to crawling. Exciting, seeing my baby's development each day, using what I have learned and studied.

4) I can see her friendly characters. She smiles to anyone who talks to her. And she will start her babling in baby's language to the person. She lets anyone pick her up and very attentive to others.

5) Laid back side. Every morning, I would take her to the open window for her to enjoy the breeze and the view. She would close her eyes basking in the cool fresh morning air and start hitting the bamboo chimes I hanged at the window. When it made a clicking sound, she would grin and I would reward her achievement with a kiss. Then, she will hit it again and again she will get a kiss.
Every achievement is entitled to a kiss.
That is to encourage her and for mommy's benefit too.

very focus at the tv screen.

These days, she loves to watch Princess Sofia the first. She was so focus and got all excited watching the program. I wonder how much she understood. Still, I control the amount of time she is allowed to watch TV.

She loves water as much as I do. Everytime I bathed her, she never ever cry. Since 1 month old, I let her lie down in the baby tub fully, letting the water soaked up right behind her ears. These days, the water got deeper soaking her ears totally. She will smile, and start kicking the water or turn her head sideways into the water. She enjoys having water touching her face. I don't hold her anymore, I am just on standby mode all the time, which means my hands are by her side in case she topple over.I want to teach her to trust the water and trust mommy to catch her whenever she gets too clumsy. It is a lesson to get her ready to join me in the pool soon.

Since mommy and daddy love swimming, Isabella has to follow our footstep too.
Mommy can swim to save herself only but daddy has saved few drowning victims in the sea.
Maybe in the future, Isabella will be able to save others too.

When I showed her Buddy the bee's book.

My baby loves books. She knows the routine. Each morning when she wakes up, she will get milk, then,mommy will play with her.
After ward comes the flash card reading. Whenever she sees the card or her tiny hardcover books, she will start waving her hands and grin.

She will look at the pictures and smile everytime. Seeing these just make warm my heart. She loves books as much as I do.

However, one thing that baffled me, she wanted to eat what I ate.
I was eating meatballs yesterday with my cousin. Isabella was just being fed before we got out of the car. Seeing us having our meal, she started imitating the chewing gestures. She stared at me for so long before her face quiver into a cry.

I had to quickly gulp the meatballs and breastfeed her. Guess what? She drank for 1 minute and that was it. Sigh*

Today she did it again while I was having lunch at home. She just couldn't see me eating. Eventhough I told her repeatedly that it is not yet her time to have the same meal as mommy's.

I can't wait for her hair to grow and start making ponytails:)
My baby girl..drools

Mommy loves u too much
eventhough people start commenting on how much you look like daddy these days. You are supposed to look like me Hani.

Okay2 patient is here.
Bye2 baby.


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