Mommy first doctor second

I went to survey clinics for Isabella's circumsicion. I just want this to be over with.
I'm dreading this for her.
Now I understand how those mother felt when they gave their babies or children to me at the operation theatre.
They lingered during the goodbye kiss when their children on the operation table.
Walk away with such a heavy heart and teary eyes.

Of course they would have felt worse. Their children were going under knives, for some operations.
Mine is just going for a small nic.

So I surveyed,
me: adik, sini ada sunat bayi perempuan tak?
receptionist: ada kak. 
me: guna apa ye?
rec: guna gunting, potong sikit saja.
me: hmmm, (long pause) sakit tak? baby nangis tak? ok ke?
rec: ada nangis ada yg tak. sikit je kak.

Lucky she didn't knw that I am a doctor.

hahahaha can you imagine I asked sakit tak even when the girl has said potong sikit saja?

When we doctors have cut more and done far worse procedures.
Still, we are mothers and can't bear to see our baby gets hurt.

Mother first and doctor second.

However, my husband is even worse. He can't be in a room with Isabella during any procedures. He just couldn't look at her. 
Therefore, everytime Isabella got a jab or blood taking, mommy would be the one in the room with her.

And he always say,'nasib baik mommy doctor'.

How can I let anything hurt my little angel?? 
Pasrah :)


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