Introducing nature to Isabella

Isabella first walk in the park.
We've been meaning to introduce her to nature for quite sometime. However, something always came up like it rained that morning, baby went back to sleep, daddy or mommy has to work and etc.

Today was the perfect day. Isabella was already awake and fresh.
So off we went to Taman Warisan Perdana. The weather was perfect.

She seemed to be ecstatic. Jommm!!

So daddy pushed the stroller around..

Showed her some nature.

Pose at the top of the hill.

 She was so comfortable on the stroller that
she went off to sleep.

So mommy and daddy made a few rounds before we head home. Atleast we got to sweat.

It seems like the baby has jogged harder than us.

So we went home.

More nature to come. Make sure you are awake long enough to enjoy them my dear..


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