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Maybe some of you do not know that I have a stepmother.
She is quite lovely.
Married my dad after my late mom passed away, when I was 3 years old.
She has always been a fan of children and babies. Sadly she has non of her own.
She just couldn't carry her embryo long enough everytime.
After years she just came to term with her loss.

Isabella is her baby now.
She has to see Isabella everyday or she feels feverish according to daddy. hahahaha.

I always leave Isabella to her once in a while or we will just drop by my parents house so that they can see Isabella.

Gosh!even if they miss her for a day, my father would call me to visit them with an excuse,'I want to see my cucu'.

So, do you know how my mama babysit Isabella? 
She would sit in front of Isabella and rock her to sleep.Even after Isabella was asleep, she would continue rocking her.
I came home one day and saw her rocking Isabella when both of them were already asleep.
She can rock the baby in her sleep.

My mama is a very busy person. She usually bring home her office work to settle them at home.
She has tons of them.
They are endless.
So, I told her that having a baby doesn't means she has to sit around her the whole time and skipping her home work. She can just leave the baby and carry out her daily activities.
I never sit in front of Isabella watching her sleep. I have millions things to do.

Mama said,'No, I want to see her'.
No, I'm scared that she might be attacked by mosquitoes.
and etc.
I said taking care of a baby the way you do will be very tiring.

I can see how much she loves Isabella.
She always commented that my father is actually the step-grandparent not she. hahahaha.

Isabella recognizes her grandmother and she is so used to seeing her grandma.

From the first day Isabella was born, she just watched the little angel's face sleeping in the cot. She didn't dare to hold yet.
She was excited holding Isabella for the first time, watching Isabella smile and laugh.
She was terrified whenever Isabella cried, panic not knowing what to do.
Hesitated to lift up the baby terrified Isabella might cry.

I always said,'Just lift her up. She won't cry'.
If she cries, just hold her and she will immediately stop.

Nowadays, she can handle Isabella alone. Bravo!!
I think Isabella has made mama so happy these days.

I said to her, 'At the age of 57 she finally has a baby'.

And on the day Isabella was having a bad mood and mama had to take care of her, I asked at the end of the day,'How was it?'
and I laughed looking at her unruly hair.
Those were the days when Isabella hated bottle.

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