My Baby girl is down with fever and cold

 My Baby girl has a fever.

 Today was the first time Isabella has a fever. It was 3 a.m. when I realized her body was hot. She was restless and that was what woke me up. I didn't have syrup paracetamol at home. So I woke up and grabbed a thermometre nearby. He temperature was 37.8. I immediately took a cloth and wet it with tap water and started wiping her head, face and whole body. After a while, I checked back her temperature, it was back to normal. It could be temporary. She has been having a cold since her daddy came home from travelling. The cold was spreaded to me and our baby by my husband. It was difficult to isolate him from us to avoid the infection. However, Isabella was doing fine , no fever until this morning. I knew she was going to get a fever since I had one on Friday and my phlegm has turned greenish.

             I breastfed her to sleep. She was calm and didn't whine at all the whole night. Still, she had nightmares. Mommy had to pat her in her sleep.

In the morning, her temperature went up to 38.7 and she pooped until she stained the bedsheet.
My husband and I cleaned her and wiped her whole body. We were spending the weekend with my MiL so we got ready to get back to Putrajaya to buy some meds. I got for her an antibiotic, nasal drop and syrup paracetamol over the counter. She is now resting at home after her meds.

It was a struggle to fed her the antibiotic. She hated it. She wailed long and loud telling me she didn't want the  vile thing inside. So I had to breastfeed her and insert the syringe at the side of her mouth feeding the meds a little bit at a time. She knew what I was doing but as long as I didn't let the taste overwhelm her milk, she complied with my method.

My baby girl. She was so talkative telling us that she is not feeling well. We took her her to see her opah and she talked to her opah in her baby language..hoo haaa hmmm haaa.
Such a cute little voice.

             Get well soon honey bunny. Mommy daddy love you. We miss your cheerfulness.


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