Nothing can beat this feelings

Nothing can beat the feelings, when you come home and kiss your baby.
Her smooth chubby cheeks touch your lips,
She smells of milk and butter.
The tiny eyes search your face

she smiles
such pure joy

I wonder how happy she is
to see her mommy and daddy
as if we mean everything to her

Rolling next to you in bed
sucking her napkin
telling you that she's hungry

and when she is full
her eyelids weight a ton
her eyes went to sleep
and she is ready to dream

pulling up her blanket
kissing her goodnight

Goodnight my little angel
thinking in you
nothing beats this feelings 
when I kiss you
something I look forward to whenever I come home
is seeing you
how life has a way of changing you
how my heart beats for you

Goodnight baby girl..


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