Post Baby Weight Please Go Away!!

Problem post pregnancy? It is to lose the baby weight fast enough!!


During the pregnancy, I ate like nobody's business. Hehehe. I was just so hungry even at night. I never used to have a big appetite. For me, eating at night was a big NO!!bad for health. Nothing fried, nothing sweet, no that and no this.

When I was pregnant, OMG!! Wondermilk! Chocolate Kinder Buenos, Kit Kat hahaha. Everything about healthy diet and good food went out the window.

It was like pregnancy was a reason to binge. Okay after the I gave birth, I would start eating healthy again and lose weight.


I forgot that it will not be that fast. It would take a few months to lose all the baby weight.

I gained 20kg!!
So far I have managed to lose 11kg in 2 months with just being a mommy and cutting out all the bad food. Don't mistaken good healthy diet with restriction of food/calorie.

That is fast. Many people say not to worry as you will lose weight with breastfeeding. I know. I just want it go be overnight. hahaha. Patience is not my virtue.

Some people would raise their eyebrows when I say I want to diet since I am breastfeeding. When I say I am on a diet, it means I am eating enough, it is just that I am not eating sweet, processed food. I am taking more fruits, vegetables. Still my daily diet would be complete with protein, carbs and vitamins.

Ya right.. I lied. There were days I ate cereal for breakfast at 12 noon and ate an ommelete for dinner. The most important thing for me is Plain water!! water and water. Breatfeeding makes you really thirsty. I also have fruits in my fridge. So whenever I am too hungry but my baby wants me, I just grab an apple and ran upstairs into the room.

Not enough I know, but I have no choice since nobody is helping me with my baby. It doesn't happen every day but once in a while when Isabella has a cold, or in her mood. 
I am juggling between being a mom, working and being a housewife.

So eventhough I hate pills, I have started taking supplements. I need to make sure that my milk has enough nutrients for my baby and to make sure that I don't stress my body being malnourished. Taking a supplement is a way to go if you cannot eat a good meal.

If not, I might be anemic, ageing fast, have bad nails, hair and skin or in the long run, many more health issues.

I still need to lose 9kg.

Working out. I need to work out.sigh*
I tried once, working out in my room just like the old days in medical school whenever I couldn't hit the gym such as during exam season.
Then, Isabella cried wanted mommy to pick her up. So I did squat while holding her. She was my dumbbell.
After a while, I put her down, and she cried again.
My daughter sgt mengada-ngada.
After several times lifting her up to soothe her, I got fed up.
That was the first and the last time.hahaha

Still I do a lot of house cleaning every day. Obsessive with cleanliness. Running up and down the house can still be considered physical activities.

I make sure my weighing scale move each day. I hate plateau. Plateau is when your weighing scale become static for sometimes. The first time you lose weigh, it will become so fast like 4-5 kg in a month. Then, you will lose slowly until you hit a certain number,for  example you have lost 9kg and you cannot lose more. That means your body has reached plateau. Plateau sucks. It is period of adjustmeng and so many physiological process which I am lazy to elaborate and you will get bored and 'pening lalat' of reading. hehehehe.

The key is when you reach plateau you have to intensify your work out.

I know sooner or later I will reach my plateau.
The good thing is my mother in law will come and stay with us on the days that I have to work before we get a maid. I can leave Isabella with her to hit the gym.

I have never been this fat.
I am also not a fan of being skinny. However I love being athletic and fit.

My dream job is to be a gym trainer. Imagine you can work and lose weight, looking good? Losing weight through dieting cannot beat the beauty of working out.

In Russia, we used to go to a gym called City Fitness which was facing the Volga River.
A very big river that it looks like the sea. My favourite place was the treadmill as you can run while enjoying the view of the sea like river.

There was this personal trainer name Olga something something which I can't remember. She was so hottttt. Her face was not that pretty but her body was so athletic. Well, she was an Olympic weight something2. You see, personal trainers overthere were very qualified. The have degrees and medals in sports. Notblike the trainer you meet at the gym in Malaysia where they have to attend a 3 months training to be a trainer.
Being a trainer means understanding the physiology of your body when you work out.

Okay back to Olga. Every other day she would train herself when she wasn't training her clients. She would wear a tank showing her chiseled board abs. You can see each muscle and I bet if I hit that abs, they wouldn't move. She was tall with long muscular legs. She was not big or that muscular.She was fit and athletic. Each muscle was defined and no trace of fat can be seen.
Whenever she did the chin up exercise, my friends and I would just jaw dropping looking at her. We would cycled the exercise bike with our head turning behind just to stare at her.
Such dedication and discipline to look like that.

Hmmm, if I ask my husband, he would say no he doesn't like that.
I say , ' U tak reti'.

still we have to look like how our husbands prefer as we wifey belong to the husband.


72 kg

I will write again when I reach my goal okay.
Good Luck to me!!


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