Everyone tells a doctor something..

Spending another in clinic.
A guy came to the clinic.
He was having the flu so I asked him,
'You are a smoker right?'
He said yes.
Then, nonchanlantly I asked,'Tak nak try quit ke?'
He said 'I've tried and it is so hard. Sb tu I rasa I demam ni'.
So I was telling him, 'Fo you know that smoking is a drug to you?'
When your body has adapted to nicotine to function, it cannot work without them. So when you stop you will have a withdrawal syndrome such as somebody who tries to quit taking drugs. That is why they have rehab centres where your body will be detoxify and that is the worst part.
To make my explaination easily understood, 'Saraf kita ni bukannya panjang tapi dia adalah gabungan saraf2yg pendek dan memerlukan benda untuk dia berfungsi untuk badan kita membuat kerja'
He looked so blurr
Imagine setiap saraf adalah jalanraya. Jalanraya terputus dan disambungkan oleh traffic light untuk merengas ke jalan raya yg lain.
so imagine saraf kita adalah jalan yg disambungkan oleh traffic lights untuk kereta merentas junction.
Kalau takde traffic light, susahlah kereta nak lintas.
So nicotinetu ibarat traffic light pada saraf awak.
Kalau takde, awak rasa tak boleh kan?
Pernah rasa kalau lama tak hisap tokok, badan seram sejuk, rasa menggeletar mcm nak demam.
He said, 'Sekaranglah saya rasa macamtu. Saya tgh cuba nak stop ni'.

After giving advices, it was time for him to go and before going out the door, this guy in late 20's , wearing a leather jacket with a bald head said,'Sempoi aar doctor ni. Senang nak cerita. Kan bagus kalau semua doktor macam ni.'

I looked at him incredulous.
He smiled and said thank you.

Last night, a make up artist came and he has a backpain from too much bending during make up session.
He has been in the industry for 14 years. He was so happy to share his problems with me that he looked relieved afterwards.
We started exchanging contact numbers.

They make me happy:)
A guy came today and he has a chest pain with a bad dry cough and high fever.
He went to a KK and was given meds for gastric. So I asked, didn't you have  cough when you see her ?
He said he was coughing in front of her.
He was so disappointed with the services.

Hmm, I am not saying that GP is good and gov is bad. There are many doctors in gov centres who are better and God knows GP made so many mistakes too.
It actually depends on the doctor.
If we enjoy our work and we wish to help othets while working, insyaAllah what we do will matter.

And that is from Dr Rock!!
A patient said 'doktor tu rock la'
I wonder if I wore a leather jacket with a dye jeans to work?
I guess I talk to much.
That is also a problem because they spend too long in the treatment room telling me strories.

There was a middle age man, he works as a KD at the golf club. The guy who drive the small car in the golf coast.
He also teaches golf to Dato seri, Tan sri whatever sri so he knows very famous politician and vvip.
So he was telling me how these dato and the rich who would go for golf weekend in Bandung where the Kds are girls, pretty girls who are university grads.
However, due to lack of jobs they become Kds. Because of their pretty looks, they get paid a high sum of money.
Later after the game finish, the dato and vip would ask them for special service.
So this girl will come to the room to extend their special service.
(angkat kening)

This is practice widely according to him.
They have wives but according to them they can't taste the same cucumber every day.
Ya ya ladies taste the same cucumber throughout our whole life can??
As much as I find this hard to believe, I remember reading Tia Hakim's blog about her customers who are amongs the rich and 90% of them cheat or have scandals.

Should I be glad that my husband is not rich??
I guess it depends on your iman.
Ingat mati ingat mati ingat mati ingat mati bak nyanyian my nephew Adam.

So that night I went home and I conveyed the story to my husband and his reaction was
'Kenapa dia cerita kat u??'
hmm I don't know.
I ni peramah bukan mcm u (sengeh).

Tapi ayang, u ingat u jgn nak p Bandung ka Danok ka wherever ok kaya atau miskin.
Kalau u curang siap u (hahahaha muka garang).
His reaction was ..
laughing so loud

Y are u laughing?I am serious (wat muka strict sampai senget mulut)
He answered, 'kadang2 u syg lawak ala2 bingai'.

Whatever bingai ke tak no cheating okay.

I wonder if the world is a tougher jungle than I thought.
Do people deal a lot with adultery?
Like my grandma used to say, 'Simpang malaikat 44 la'
And my replied was everytime,'simpang mana tok nak, maih adik bawak tok'

The end


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