Stop asking the question 'When are you going to get pregnant?'

               Everyone wants kids. I guess. sigh*
Some couples have trouble conceiving.

Today, a couple came to me at work and they wanted to ask me something but very hesitant.
The husband said, 'What was it that you wanted to ask the doctor?'
The wife replied,'No nothing. You were the one who wanted to ask her'.

Pointing fingers to each other. So, I stepped in and said,'Just ask me anything. Do not hesitate. I will help if I can'.

She said, her period was late and she felt very weak plus backpain. She hasn't done the urine pregnancy test.
Her period has been regular except for last year, this happened for 3 months. They didn't check for pregnancy. One day, her period came as usual. They were not sure if she was ever pregnant. However, she denied having passing out blood clots and POC( product of conception).

I can see why they were embarass to ask. You see everyone wants kids but they would try to hide their sadness, worry or disappointment to the public.

This couples are married for almost 2 years and they don't have a long distance marriage. If they are sexuallu active, by right they should have conceived at some point of these past years.

Well, I asked for a UPT. According to her last menses, she would be 5 weeks +. However, the test came back negative. Not to let her down so soon, I adviced to check again in 1 weeks time early in the morning.

I wish to say good luck. I wish that she is pregnant. Hopeful:)

Since having a baby of my own, I realized that there is nothing which can outstand this happiness of having Isabella with me. Just nothing. She is my husband and I 's life.

I started thinking about my friends and patients who tried to conceived and failed. I understand and sympathize to their situation. I wish for every couples to feel this Gift.

How I wish for so many things.

This topic is so sensitive to them. But why do society continue plaguing them with this question?When are you going to have a baby?

How can anyone answer that?

Why don't we just be a little bit more sensitive towards their feelings.
And pray for them in silence.

And never should we smirked on their disappointment, or make assumptions to whos fault that was.
Nobody's fault. The time will come InsyaAllah.
And do not for once be arrogant with our Gift as it could be taken away with a snap of a finger with Allah's willing.

Sigh* and that will keep us grounded.

So lets us be more sensitive towards others and pray in silence:)


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