Taking A Leap For Love

                    Taking A Leap For Love...

         Girls are very tricky, very fussy when it comes to relationship.
I remembered my rules and regulations during those days.

1) Some random guys giving their numbers in shopping mall or MPH. Is a huge NO.
2)A stranger saying hye through text messages, wanting to get to know you. NO way.
3)A stranger who got your phone number from your classmate and called you. Ya as if I'm going to fall for that teick.
4) A stranger who was introduced to you by your friend is also a NO.

When will it be a yes?

We are so uptight and so wound up on everything except our own choice of fate. about you see, you don't choose love. Love chooses you. That is why, sometimes we need to let go the rules and just enjoy life. Who knows, that handsome stranger you met at the mall is your fate and your future.

Just like me. I never would have guessed that the stranger who said hye to me in fb years ago would be my husband. No matter how many times and different ways, I ignored him, he kept on crossing my path. 

He didn't fit my rules and regulation. 
I wanted a 'blue collar' kind of a guy, just like me.

Still, my heart refused to listen to my brain.

You see, everything that I thought was important was actually a trivial.

Yes, he is not a blue collar professional guy. 
Yes, his job is more hectic and way exhausting in comparison to mine. They would wake up so early to start shooting and finish at night. Which then, he will start thinking and surveying tomorrow's locations to shoot.
And the same thing goes for a month until the shooting was over. Rest for a few days or weeks until the next job starts again.
No day off during each project. I can't do that. Travelling everyday and start shooting as soon as I reach a location. I need to rest and get my own pace.

So I say, entertainment business is a serious business. Behind the laughter of the audiences, there are serious hardworking team struggling night and day to produce each and every tv programmes.

He is not a blue collar guy but he still earned more than me.

Should I not choose him because he is not a doctor?
Should I not choose him because he is always busy?
Should I not choose him because he is too cute? hahaha

My heart said,'Ignore everything and just follow what feels right'.
Talking to him felt right. Being with him felt good.

The first guy who melted my glacier heart.

I made the right choice to follow my feelings.

Well, it took me several months to finally surrender to my feelings.

And I can say that he is the best decision I've made in my life.
Every moment counts and he became my prince charming, the love of my life.

Life become so beautiful and surprise surprise! It didn't matter what he does for a living because he has so many more qualities which really matters. His kindness, care and love towards me makes him a very wonderful husband.

And his job balance my job which makes it more fun.

Imagine if I had use my brain instead of following my heart, everything would have been so different and we wouldn't have Isabella with us.

Once in a while, a leap for love is what a girl needs.

So have no fear and just jump!


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