The purest joy

Today, I heard her laughter for the first time.
I was breastfeeding her. I have not yet recovered from my cough. Was coughing hard to clear my throat. The phlegm was really stubborn making me struggle.
I heard a little laughter.
However, there was only baby and I.
I looked down at her.
Saw her mouth curving into a smile.
I coughed again while gazing at her face.
There she was laughing at me with her little laughter, pure joy.
It was the sincerest laugh ever as if mommy was the funniest person to her.
She has always smiled but she never made a sound when she grin.This is her first laugh.
I called hubby who was at the hall.
Isabella was still laughing when he came.
We stared at each other, husband and I, laughed and within that seconds we shared one of the most precious moment of our live.

Seeing your baby growing is amazing.
Each achievement just baffles you.

Our pride and joy.


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