Towards clearer skin and slimmer body, To zdarov!!!(to health inRussian)

Yesterday, after 2 weeks of hitting plateau, I just jumped on the weighing scale and guess what??
I lost 3 kilos.
Making a total of  14 kilos.
No wonder I can start fitting into some blouses that I couldn't before.
I didn't do anything at all except being busy and breastfeeding Isabella.
I need to exercise.
Can someone just slap my face please.
Exercise is not just about getting back in shape, but it is for your stamina, bone strengthening, muscles development, cardiovascular system, detoxify and many more.
That is why people who workout stay younger in comparison to those who don't workout.
What if I take Isabella to the gym just wear her on my back like a bag while I cycle??and squat and do lunges?haha.
Working out at home is boring.
You know, I just love the feel of being in the gym, motivation.
You have been a BAD girl!!
You are still paying the fee to Celebrity Fitness and not getting back on the horse after the pregnancy.
I hate you.

Skin wise I am very happy though.
I was getting such bad little pimples in my 1st trimester and it was healing but too darn slow during my 2nd.
I went to Seoul looking like a monster when everyone around me had the most fair, clear , well-moisturised skin.
How annoying and embarassing.
I came back with Korean products name The Natural Republic and it was a God send. I bought a facial wash and a day cream. They smell like paradise. That was the first step towards my clear skin.
My only regret was I should have bought more!!

After giving birth, my face healed even more. I guess the hormone was calming down. No more pimples but the scar were still visible.
The secret is to double wash your face (wash your face twice in a row) which was taught by my beautician.
Then to scrub your face regularly to prevent dull skin, and blackheads.
Toner to remove debris.
I like biooil as the main moisturiser and massage my skin.
Then I slap on Olay regenerating serum.
Followed by Wonderglow moisturiser.
Owh I forgot to say I've started using Wonderglow products since 3 weeks ago after seeing the glowing effect on my 2 sister in laws. It has Vitamin E as the main contents and approved my KKM.
I made my husband use it too.
On top of that we are taking Shaklee skin set.

Now I am going out with just wonderglow day cream and sunblock.
Not even BB cream.
I just love my new turn of skin.
Please God no more acne.
The acne will pop once a while but the scars take too long to disappear and I hate that.

This year I am turning 29 years old.
Almost 30:(
Now where is that anti-ageing cream.
Need to combat ageing more diligently.
Green tea as anti-oxidant to continue.
Lemon and honey for liver detox daily.
More vitamins to take.
Anti-ageing cream should be on my list.
Exercise Hasifah.
How many times should I tell you??
You are like a person who has knowledge but not using it.

What a psycho, talking to myself.
I need to lose 5 kilos more.
That is not so far if you think back on trying to lose 20 kilos right after the delivery.
That time, the target weight was so far away that I couldn't see the numbers at all.

Here to living a healthy life and to remain young physically, strong and healthy.
To us mothers:)

I swear that this is without any effect at all. If I lie, I berdosa okay.
So whoever has known me will know that my skin used to have pimples amd scars:(
Now, my husband is jealous and he wants a clear skin too.


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