Baby post

After 3 days of no wifi, this feels good.
Imagine a life without internet? I can't.
Technology has spoiled us.
What we learned recently is that life is so unpredictable.
One moment you are fine and the next, you are on a sickbed.
Make us appreciate each other more.

These days everything that we husband and wife talk about is
How she is showing her characters..
smiley characters such as her cheerfulness
her interest in watching the fan moves
Her big grin and laugh
She is a chatterbox which means she tries to talk all the time.
Gosh she has a very loud voice.
You can hear her 'baby talk' outside the bedroom.
Once my husband came inside the room running,'What happened?Is she crying?'
No she was chatting.
God knows what she is saying.
I don't
She is very playful.
Loving her Buzzy bee friend.

Sometimes, she swag.
The attitude
I think she has my stubborn side.
Her will is our command.
Recently, she fights sleep a lot.
She wanted to play, or be carried around the house instead of sleeping.
It made her cranky, being sleepy.
Husband is submitting to her wish, to be carried around so nowadays, she develops a new habit.
Before sleep, mommy or daddy has to carry her around the house.
Thats is what happen after 2 weeks being babysit by daddy.
Daddy indulge her too much.

Tummy time.
She tries very hard to crawl.
So far she might move an inch but training is good to stregthen her muscles.
So that is the use of kicking the floor during tummy time.

She will turn 4months in a week.
Her hair is growing longer, she is rounder, weighing 6kg at 3 months plus, we just love seeing her growing.
She will lie on the bed between mommy and daddy,and we will cuddle her, talk to her and laugh watching her behaviour.

Our pride and joy.


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