When mommy sings baby cries

Babies love music.
Isabella is no different.
Everytime hubby sang to her, she would squeal in delight.
Owh she loves to hear him sing.
Fine, now its mommy's turn.
So I came back from work..
The first person I went to was my baby.
I just threw hubby a flying kiss from across the room.
'Girl I'm so lost when you are not around..
I miss you miss you miss you..
I miss you like crazy..
Her reaction was..

What is that sound coming from mommy?

And she cried.
So I thought, it couldn't be that my singing was so bad.. that I made her cry.
Did she think that I was scolding her?
So I sang again after she was soothe.
She cried again.
Hubby said my voice has no melody that when I sang, it sounds very straight.
In my defense, maybe I was rapping.

So Isabella hates my singing. She used to love it when she was smaller.
I sang to her all the time.
Come on baby
Mommy wasn't that bad huh?


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