A Baby will change life and your marriage!What shall we do?

Being a working mom is tough.
Especially when you live alone with your husband, you have no maid or help from siblings or parents.
Why didn't anyone emphasized this to me before?
Atleast I could prepare mentally, physically and emotionally.
2 days off are never enough.
One the first day off, I realized 'Holy Cow, I have a week of laundry need to be done'.
Checking up the fridge, we really need to do groceries.

Then, the house in a mess, my room and the kitchen.
I was a mess.
Crying out loud.

Should I blame hubby for not cleaning the house while I was at work?
He would say that he was babysitting Isabella and lately she wasn't in a great mood.
That added to my exhaustion for 2 days.
So I cleaned the house up and down.
I hate my semi-detached house.
It is unpractically big for 2 persons and a baby.
We only use our bedroom and bathroom and sometimes the kitchen.
The extra 4 bedroom, tv room, dining room and living room plus 4 more bathrooms are not in use.
However, they still need to be swept and mopped.

Of course I didn't blame him.
Atleast he helped with the baby while I conpleted my chores.
Made breakfast and lunch.
Breastfeed Isabella and she was so cranky for 2 days I wonder what was wrong with her.
She wasn't drinking as much as usual.
I noticed her body was red with heat rashes, a lot.
Since then she has been in this mood.
I thought my milk wasn't enough since she has been refusing.
So I heated the supply (Ebm).
She gulped a bottle of 100
She was starving.
We took another packet and fed her.
Then, she slept so soundly.
Thought I have been so busy and I didn't express much milk these days so maybe that was the reason, she didn't want direct feed.
However, when I ebm later, I managed to squeeze 150mls from 1 side.
I wonder why she refuses direct feeding when all these while that was the thing she looked forward to.
I still nursed her to sleep at night.
She didn't cry though.
Imagine waking up early today to work.

2 days are not enough for a mother.

In these 2 days, I didn't get to lie down on the bed to enjoy my favourite series at all.
Time is chasing me. It is filled with jealousy and vengence towards me.
Before I realized, night has crawled in and the day was over.

We talked about having a maid but we prefer no stranger in the house.
I did call for a housekeeping last month but I am not going to throw my hard earn money for them every week.
Women, wives and mothers, we try to do it all.
Until we are so exhausted that we start rambling in our blog. Or maybe it was just me.
I am sure all mothers feel this.

So how do we organize this so that our time is well used?So that I can squeeze everything in a day.
A maid is a big bonus or a babysitter eventhough you are at home.
I rather be with my baby then letting her be with a stranger on my off day.
Now, I am reading articles about this..
We should be reading this stuffs in preparation towards motherhood.
Motherhood is not just about taking care if a baby.
It is about so much more.
To be a clever wife/moms, we need knowledge.
How do we juggle our live?
How do we keep marriage lively after having a baby?
I should have foreseen these during my pregnancy instead of just reading about baby.
So to those who are going to have a baby, know this..
Having a baby will change your life tremendously.
You will have a little minion who needs you all the time.
Her or his needs before yours.
On top of that all the house chores you were used to do before the baby, you still need to complete and you will look at your husband thinking I didn't have time for cuddling anymore.
At the end of the day both of you will fall into bed exhausted.
What you share most is the moments when your baby is between both of you, and you were playing with her.
You put your baby to sleep, and that is the time you should use to cuddle your husband, talk to him and share feelings.
If he snores, tickle him.
You know you miss each other.
If not, there will be a distant between you that will keep getting bigger.
We don't want that.
We want this to be till Jannah.
Your baby needs you but you guys need each other.
So, always talk to each other things other than your baby.
Tell stories again.
Hubby you should read this.. I want you to tell me stories about your day again.
I don't want the 'aah u takyah risau. Kalau I cerita pun u tak faham'.

I know we are in different fields but sharing is just a way of connecting.
I didn't mind sharing about doctor's stuff.
Kan u dah pandai skrg bab2 sakit dan ubat.hahahha.
Takyah masuk medical school.kuikuikui.

My little family~<3

Our kuchiboo. Something to be sure, no matter what you face, you will never take it out on her, because she is your pride and joy.
A baby is a blessings.


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