Finally, a new haircut

Today was a good day.
I call it our family day.. because both of us were not working.
Which means I had a long night sleep.
Hubby found someone to install the aircond finally!
The room was cool, the bed was comfy...
I hanged the laundry while hubby bathed Isabella.

Mommy played with Isabella while daddy try to complete his script.

Isabella is very active. At 3 months, she can roll from supine to prone and otherwise.
It is no longer safe to leave her unattended anymore.huhuhu.

She is so active which means she wants to play, she wants us to talk to her all the time and she no longer drink milk as much as before.
It is too soon to behave as thus.

We were planning to go for facial at Sg Wang today however,she was cranky as she was sleepy and hungry but refused to drink since morning.
So I fed her in the car and she fell asleep.

We cancelled the plan for facial and headed to Alamanda for a lunch and hair saloon.
I wanted for us to dine and chill, a quality time together.

And baby pooped all over her pant at Kenny Rogers.
Luckily Alamanda has a breastfeeding room.
However,we didn't bring an extra pant. So baby wore her top with a pampers. Fashion disaster!

Then it was hair pampering time. I've been wanting to cut my hair since I gave birth.
It has been 6 months since my last hair cut.
I used to visit hair saloon for hair treatment monthly and have a haircut every 3 months. Pedi and mani are a must frequently, a spa, massage and facial.
My hairstylist washed my hair and massaged my neck and head, I went ooh ahhhh it felt sooo good.
How pathetic. It was just a short massage.
That is a sign.
I need my massage day soon.
I gave her a simple instruction, to make my hair easily managed. Which means chop my thick hair and make it short and thin.
It has been 5 years since I wore shoulder length. Hubby seemed to disapprove short hair. He always forbidded me from cutting them too short.
This time, I want it short as it will be easier to manage, faster to wash and since Isabella like to pull my hair.
I love the new shoulder length haircut. Fresh and younger looking.

Here was Isabella. waiting for mommy having a haircut.

I vow to visit the hair saloon every month from now on.
To set a spa and massage day soon.
I deserve a day of pampering.

Hubby has agreed to babysit for me in the future whenever I wish to pamper myself.
Bought pedi mani kit to do at home.hahahaha.
I've visited long enough that I know the routine by heart.

Walk around the neighbourhood after mommy cleaned the house.

Isabella became sleepy listening to mommy and daddy chatting.
What a pleasant day.
I realized we rarely get to have a long conversation except on our days off.
I would come home at 11 p.m. and get ready for bed in between of few sentences.
Today was nice.
Need to be doing this weekly.
This is why they call it quality time not quantity time.

Dinner was fried Koey teow which I cooked with the help of hubby.
It is so intimate to prepare food together.
Food was good and we enjoyed the food and each other's company tremendously.

It is late now and we plan to go for a morning jog tomorrow.
Nite people.
Have a great weekend ahead:)


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