Fitting into my old jeans!!


Fitting in my jeans..
Today is the first time that I am wearing my pre-pregnancy jeans.
Fuh in a year.
Telling my husband to scoot.
Do you know that he has been secretly wearing my favourite black MNG jeans??
I haven't worn it since the pregnancy because I couldn't fit in my pelvis.

I am still not at my pre-pregnancy weight.
I have just started working out for about 2 weeks.

Today, I can fit in it so easily:)
Loving it.
I'm taking it back syg!

I've been wearing too much of skirts, flare pants, maxi dress and pants.
To cover my *ss.

Not that I am there already, but I am getting there.

This was last month when I couldn't in a jeans.
Face was rounded.

This was during pregnancy.

Right after confinement. Fat right?

Here is some tips to keep a good weight or lose weight:-
Though, this is more towards a healthy lifestyle

1)Adjust your mindset.'We eat to stay alive instead of living to eat'.
Which means, only eat as muchas you need. When you feel about to be full, that just nice sensation that was sent from your stomach to your brain ,'I am full signal', just stop eating and shove the plate away.
Do not eat just because you feel like it. 
In another word, listen to your body.
2)Have breakfast. A healthy one.
Researches have shown that taking an early healthy breakfast will kick off your metabolism for the day. Which means the earlier your calories will start burning and  by 24 hours, the more calories your body will burn.

3)Limit rice once in a day or none. Rice is only carbohydrate and they contribute to fat if taken excessively. You know how people tend to fill up their plates with rice.
4)Take one scoop or 2 of rice. Meaning don't fill your plate on the first round. If you fill like adding more, you can later. The first scoop usually will be enough for us but if you take too much of rice, you might be forced to finish everything and end up overeating.
Atleast, if you take just enough in the first place, you will have sometimes to think about adding more or just feel 'full enough'. You are giving sometime to your stomach to feel full.

5)Avoid, oily food, fried food, Nasi Lemak, Roti Canai and all those unhealthy Oriental food.
So if you are about to eat rice with Malay cuisine, choose the least oily, take some veges. Stew is good.

6)Do not eat chicken wings or the skin. They have the most fat.
7)Limit sugary drinks or just settle with plain water. Very good!
8)Limit sweet tooth indulgence to once a week and choose a small size chocolate instead of the whole Dairy milk chocolate.

8)Avoid late night supper. Have an early dinner. By 7 p.m. you should finish eating.
If you are hungry at night, you can take fruits, less sugar tea or Milo without sugar as Milo has enough sugar already.

9)Lead a healthy, active lifestyle.
10)Say no to junk food/ carbonated drinks.


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