A baby list for new mothers

Have you ever wonder what we really need as new parents?
I did.
When I was pregnant, my husband and I for a quick tour to babyshops to learn about baby essentials.
We were more confuse when we get out conpared to before we get in.
There were so many baby stuffs.
Does a baby really need all these stuff?A whole shop lot.
So I did a google research and so we headed for shopping.
Turn out after Isabella was born, her clothes were not adequate.
We had to go shopping right after confinement period.

You see, the elders say baby grow up too fast so don't buy too many clothes as they will outgrow soon.
So, I bought 15 outfits.
Thought that was more than enough.
I was so wrong.
Baby pooped or pee on her clothes.
She vomitted few times in a day. Actually it is called reflux.
She could be running out of clothes in a day just like that.
So we made her wardrobe consist of many clothes but they ranged from age newborn to 12 months old.
We didn't buy newborn size that much.

1)Provide enough clothes for a baby. 20 probably enough.
2)Always buy slightly bigger size and many ranges of age. I bought 2 newborn sizes, some from 3-6 months and most from 6-12 months.
By the age of 2 months old, Isabella fit in her 6-12 months size clothes. By 3 months old, the clothes fit so well that I wonder if when they labelled it as 6 months, they did proper research on the size of 6months old baby. Or is just that my baby is a little bit taller.

3)Pyjamas. Pyjamas are very useful for night as they are long sleeves with full length pant. Overall is good. Newborn needs a proper cover up especially at night.

4)Bodysuits during the day. Since newborn to 3 months old, I pair bodysuits with long pants. These days I just dress her on bodysuit during the day as it is pretty hot.

5)Cheap clothes seem more comfortable. As a mother, we want to give the best to our baby. A pretty clothes, expensive ones. These days, I realized the cheap bodysuits I bought in a pack at the Baby Expo are more comfortable. The material is stretchable loose cotton that Isabella can still fit comfotably since newborn until 4 months old.
6)mittens and socks. She needed them in many pairs as sometimes they fell off from her feet or hands and got lost. I didn't foresee this so I bought only 3 pairs of mittens. When I lost 1 mitten, all hell gone loose. Isabella use mittens until she finish confinement period.  Then, no more. But I still put her on socks till now.
7)leggings to pair with tops or bodysuits.

8)3 towels as sometimes she vomitted on the towel after bath.
9)diapers. 1 pack of diapers last for a month for newborn but as she got older, the pack will last longer.
10)small towels for drools. I bought a packet. Preferably the soft material like Jean Perry. You can wipe her nose during her cold without thinning the skin around her nose.

12)blankets 2-3

13)cap for hot day especially after head shaving..
14)toiletries-shower gel, shampoo. We bought the organic ones as our baby's skin is sensitive.Diaper rash Sebamed cream and its lotion. Baby sunblock.
15)nail clipper, cotton bud.
16)baby carseat and stroller.
17)breastpump, milk storage bags, nuk bottles 3-5. Storage bottles. Milk warmer.

I guess these are all that I can remember for now. Hopefully it will be useful for you new mothers out there.


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