Weekend Cleaning

I am not working today.
Don't get jealous.
It is not becoming hahaha.

Okay get jealous.
I spend the morning leisurely on the bed with my baby and husband.

My morning view:)

We ordered in today.
I don't feel like cooking today.
Just wanted to clean the house.
That is a must on my day off.
As I can't stand seeing dust on furnitures.
Dust is bad for our lungs especially my baby's lung so I make sure my house and especially my bedroom dustfree.

My husband's working station.
Hmm it looks a little girlish but he doesn't mind as long as he doesn't have to lift a finger.

Isabella's corner.

Opps, this is her area too.
Isabella's the conquerer.

Few of her reads.

Completed the job.
Now I wait for hubby to come back from his work out.

Have a great weekend people:)


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