Work out for mommies at home

I have started working out.
I feel so good about it.
Very determined.

I wanna share with you busy mothers some of the work out that you can do at home despite not having any equipments. All you need is your body.

1)Warm up for 10 minutes to start the fuel running. Calories will be burn after the 10 minutes of warming out.

You can jog, you can do sidestep aerobic, jumping jack, skipping and dancing.

Now the superset begins. Why it is called superset? Because you will pair 2 workouts and complete them before you rest.

Warning: The knees should not go beyond the toes. The back has to be straight.
Target muscles: For a beautiful slim, tone legs and butt. 
It also help tone down your lower back and torso (your abs).

So do the squat for 20x follow by

Air boxing. Feel how your heart pumps.
Punch hard as if you are punching your enemy.
'Take this you ugly fat. Take that huh. Who's the bitch now?'

After you have done these two. Drink your water.
Remember, no water no fat burn.

And repeat again..squat and air boxing 2 more time.

3)Forward lunges 15x

4)Reverse lunges 15x
keep your back straight and the angle of the knee 90 degree.

5)Reverse lunge and kick

This is to work your legs and butt.

6)Now get down for a dip/push up.
Do 15-20.
You can start by 5 and pause for short rest, and complete 5 more.
Remember that it is better to do it with a short rest than not to do it at all.
Your strength will develop in time.

For a beginner, you can start with half push up

I love push up because it keeps your upper body strong and fit. Your abs flat, your chest, upperback and arms tone.

No you won't be buffed with these work out. But you will be slim and tone. Less fat dangling on the muscles.

7) Donkey kick
Work your glutes, hamstring and lower back.

15x for 3 sets.

I hate all of these(butt work out) but love the effect.
Medical school, we were torchered by our trainer.
We would go back walking like a crab.
Then, we would wear skinny jeans without feeling self conscious about the shape of our butt.

So if you want a perky butt, this is the way to go.
I swear!

8)Bridge-gluteus (butt), lower back, abs and hamstrings
50x for 2 sets.

9)Abs-I always do abs last because all the other work out above will work my abs to support my posture. So my last exercise is more of a definition to my abs muscles.
Palms behind your eats and when you bring your shoulder up, do not pull your neck or else you will injure it.



lower abs-20x for 2 sets

Full upper and lower abs.

10)stretching time.

This is a simple work out for daily basis. You can do it at home in front a tv or mirror.
It will take about 1 hour.

Don't skip the stretching part to release the muscles tense.

Feel good about yourself and to be healthy and beautiful.
Don't worry, you won't be doing it alone as I will be doing them too.

Whenever I want to slack off, I would think of this..

Good luck!!


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