The bed hogger

I sleep and I conquer!!

Do you know how I sleep at night?
I always wake up with a bodyache.
This is why..

This is my side of the bed and that is my pillow.
But she took the whole space.
She never invade daddy's side.
She'll squeeze and squirm and work her way yo be under my arm (tido bawah ketiak mak).
Yes that is what she does every night.
And I'll be sleeping on the edge with my head on the side table.
Sometimes at night, I would accidentally knock my head on the table.
Hubby would wake up and move Isabella to the centre multiple time.
However, she would squeeze me again soon.

Gone were the days , where she slept in her cot.
I found sleeping with her make it easier to breastfeed at night.
She wakes up once or none at all.
However, this arrangement is the most convinient way to breastfeed without getting up and pick her up from her cot.
Super leceh.
Except the problem is she is a bed hogger.

I think she can sleep with us for a while.
When she is big enough, when is that? we will set up her nursery.
For now it is just an empty room next door.

So this morning I woke up with a pain in my neck, so I lied down on my husband's thigh. He patted my head knowing my dilemma.
Nak di marah anak sendiri.
Then, baby woke up.
Peeped through her little partially opened eyes, saw mommy and smile and she went back to sleep.
Okay baby all forgiven.


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