Why we should be nice..

I wasn't a good kid.
I wasn't a spoiled golden child though.
Still, I didn't learn about sharing or caring for others until later on when I entered standard 6 and I started living with my aunt.
That was the time when I realized other people share chocolates, fruits, cereals, food and personal belongings amongs siblings.
Foreign but I adapted.
I realized how horrible I was at first.
Quite selfish.
Rest assured, now no more.
Life is a journey where I learned about good and bad, morals and ethics other than to have good grades.
Profession as a doctor taught me even more than I thought possible.
To put yourself in others' shoes and we'll take it from there..
We heard enough how 'you should treat others how you wish to be treated'
However, you won't really dive into the notion until you have been in a situation where you depends on someone, your friends, your doctors, a stranger to help you.
That is why, it doesn't hurt to always smile to others, to be a little bit friendlier, to be gentler than your own nature when you are dealing with others.
In my case my patients are the strangers.
but they never remain thus for long
I see strangers like almost a hundred in a day.
I listen and I advise them.
Most of the time, we will talk about personal life, where do they work, which school their kids go and most people would share their problems and worries with me.
I know I can't help them but I can give them a relief.

And I wonder why I hear about someone's attitude so often.

I don't know if this is true but if any of you know about this, you can add in.
My SIL often remarked on how her principle is so merciless that even few fellow teachers who had miscarriages couldn't even use their 2 weeks of MCs given by the hospital.

The principle forbids it.

A teacher came to see me in the clinic and she was whispering.
Apparently she lost her voice after more than 2 weeks of flu and intermittent fever and still was forced to teach.
A teacher doesn't talk but almost shouting in the class.
That was how she lost her voice.
I felt sorry for her.
stress can delay the recovery of any sickness.
So I was going to give her 2 days of MC.
She refused.
Her headmistress is horrible.
She will be scolded.
So she spilled in on how few young pregnant teachers in school have missed antenatal checkup few times because of their headmistress.
Some had miscarriages and even after given by doctors 2 weeks of MC after the D&C procedure, the headmistress insisted for them to come back to work after the procedure, or she will deduct the salary despite having MCs.
How mean.
So I went back and asked my parents.
Mama said, they can actually file a complain for that even if it was just a threat.

I said to the cikgu, 'I didn't know being a teacher can be this tough. As my father is a principle, I didn't see him as being mean or unfair'.
She asked me which school so I said Precint 16 high school.
She said, 'Ooo he is such a good principle, very kind and brilliant.Oowh you are his daughter.
I wish I have a daughter like you. Clever, beautiful, blabla perfect'.
My mind went nuts Whhhaaaatt?

Far from those things cikgu, I replied.

Me perfect? My husband would laugh rolling rolling on the floor.
I can't even find a simple direction.
Here a story how perfect I am..

I had an appointment in Kementerian at 2.30 p.m.
The letter came to my house.
I was so confident about the location that I didn't read the whole address.
I am in Putrajaya and KKM in Putrajaya kan??

On that day, I got ready early and I wanted to be there 40 minutes earlier.
Punctuality is awesome.
Hubby drove and round we went, we couldn't find the building.
I called my father and mama.
I called everyone while panicking in the car.
Hubby finally took the letter and exclaimed,' the address is in KL'.
Putrajaya to KL?It is already 2.30 p.m.
So I called the officer and she assured me that she will be waiting for me.
OMG! How stupid do I look??

You are an embarassment to the society.
I cast you out of the country.
Despite being embarassed inside, I remained cool in frong of my husband.
Never reveal your weakness to your enemy.
Hahahaha at that time he was the enemy.
He teased me mercilessly.

Ya hubby made fun of me while repprting the scenario to my parents.
Mama said,' huh yyy??Didn't she read?'
Everyone kept quiet.

Finally mama said, 'she is her father's daughter. Kalut'.

Like that cikgu said, 'the small things ain't matter in perfection'.

I am so glad that I behaved well before she knew who I was.
I am so glad that those people who know my father like me before they knew who I was in the clinic
Or else poor daddy.
And why is it that there are so many people who know him in Putrajaya?
Luckily I didn't grow up here being a teenager.
I would feel suffocated with,'Owh anak tuan haji yusof'.
They would expect me to be kind, gentle, understanding, clever and blablabla.

Now I am an adult, behaving is easier now.

I am carrying his legacy, his name..
or is it my husband's name??
Nope, Isabella carries my husband's name.

So you see, being friendly and nice has its benefit:-
1)You won't embarass your parents.
2)You make them proud
3)People like you
4)People tell their secrets to you like the other day a patient told me about the ViPs having affairs and scandals whenever they go golfing in Bandung. Not that I wish to know that part of nasty life.
5)People will help you like today a doctor who works in KKM gave me few names for me to send my appeal letter for transfer. He was really helpful. He said, 'you helped me so now I'm helping you'.

See..benefits in life??
As I am writing this.. a patient came in and I 'Hello, how are you?' cheerful greeting.
Don't you like a cheerful greeting?

Inside my mind.. owh I'm exhausted. When can I go home. I so miss my bed. Tomorrow I am going to sleep longer.
 I can think like this with a smile...
Practice makes perfect.


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