Thank you for the supports

It wasn't my idea to start blogging.
It was the idea from many of my facebooks friends, my friends and also my husband years ago.
I didn't do it because I was too busy running around in the hospital.
I have too much stories to tell though so I wrote very long status on facebook everytime.
I just love the responds
I just wasn't convince if I can commit myself to writing, or if I can interest others to read it.

So, in December, the idea was again being brought up by some friends and so I said to my husband 'what if I start blogging?'
He totally supported me.
So he sign up a blog for me.

Since then, I started writing, with uncertainty and later it became a habit.
It was a way for me to express myself.
I love writing.
Seeing the numbers of viewers climbing up each day and the feedback, wordsof encouragement, just made my heart soar.
Like I said, I just love writing.
I even dreamed of writing a novel in highschool.
I'm not sure if I can write..
Can I?
I told my dad once few years ago that I have always loved writing, maybe I should be a journalist or a writer instead of a doctor.
He replied,'You can still be a writer or anything as a doctor'.
Which means, I can pursue other passions but never to drop his passion (doctor) behind.

Anyway, I am so happy to receive feedback from my readers.
Everyday I will get a pm to give feedback on my blog.
Some would ask for suggestions and advices, and some just want to share their stories.
I welcome everyone.
I can't believe my blog can interest others but seeing the daily view graph, it encourages me to write more and more.

So thank you to those who take the time to read and to even contact me to share stories or even consult me medically.
Thank you for the supports as I reach >10 000 views within 2 months.
I know it is a long way to go but every big thing will start from small ~<3


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