Lilac Dress

When baby comes to play..

It was just a boring day in clinic.
Woke up so late. Overslept.
Padan muka.
My husband was finishing his script work to send to RTM and he was staying up late.
Being a good wife as I am, I decided to lend him my company eventhough he didn't seem to need it.
He kept telling me to go to sleep since I have to work the next day.
I got so annoyed so I said,'Look here syg, I'm not a child'.
hahhaa no I didn't say it that way but that was the way I said it in my mind.

Okay, fine I admit it. I wasn't trying to give him company. I was browsing for a dress to wear on an upcoming charity concert.
There will be Ramli Sarip, Fizo Omar, Fahrin, Hafiz AF and Hafiz Hamidun.
Putrajaya's important people will be there.

So here I was planning what to wear and he being the insensible hubby when it comes to my need to dress, but the most caring person in regards of my health forcing me to sleep.

Ustazah tak??
Okay, I woke up late. Instead of thinking what pant goes with which top, I'll just put on this purple dress I got from fashion valet.

This is the only place I face everyday.
Do you know that Ariana Rose had a drama shoot here??
When she came for urine pregnancy test.
Sadly I wasn't working that day or they should be having me as the doctor rather than that funny acting doctor.

So, I didn't know what to do.
Till I received a visit from my bestie.
Where is she??

Here she is.
She has to roll everywhere.
Even on the patient's table.

Busy with her fingers and fist depend on her mood.

Thank you baby for cheering up my day.
You always be my no 1 after daddy.
You guys can share no 1 in my heart:)


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