Love makes a baby into a genius

Have you ever heard,' Put down your baby or she will be so clingy that you can't do anything elseexcept holding her'?

'Don't let the baby sleep on your lap or else she won't be able to sleep on her own'

So much more parenting tips from strangers, from elders and friends.

For me, I use my own tips.
As a parent, you just know what is good for your child.

And I super disagree when somebody forbids me from holding my baby.
My baby, my life. Who cares if I have to hold her the whole day.
I mean be real, I never held her the whole day. I held her whenever she wanted me to or I just feel like it, or after coming back from work.
So far she has  never demand to be held all the time.
Tough love is not my thing.
A lot of love, kiss, cuddle and attention is my thing.
Same goes to my husband. He has come to term with our cuddle time:)
I think he secretly loves it being the 'cool guy'.

I am stubborn on things that I know and studied.
I don't just listen to the elders just because they have kids and took care of a dozens.
Somethings which make sense, I would follow.
Others, I just ignore.
Unless, you can show me articles to support your advices.

Do you know, scientists have done researches and found that babies who were cuddled, kissed and given a lot of attention and love adjusted better in society, wouldn'y have trust issues in relationships, blossoms socially in comparison to the neglected babies.

That is because the first relationship they ever known was with their parents and they know that they can rely on this relationship.
As the parents showed 'I am here for you and I love you baby'.
That is how the baby blooms, into a happy and healthy baby.

Do you know that the first year of a baby's brain development is so important.
This is the time when their brains develop and grow according to stimulation and love.
Scientists have proven that a baby who receives enough love has a compactly developped brain compared to the neglected baby.
Love makes a baby clever.

So why should we hold ourselves from showering them with kisses, PDA, hugs and cuddles.
I can't. I won't.
She smells so good.

I imagine she is the happiest baby, waking up next to mommy and daddy.
It is a sense of comfort, warmth and security that are provided for her each day.

No matter what, she is our top priority. One of us will always be there.
We don't leave her alone whenever we are around.
There will be tummy time, play time, reading time, flash card time and chatting with mommy and daddy time.
The downside is she has become so loud and talkative.
It is hard to watch tv as she is even louder.
My husband says that she has taken after me and going to be a talker.
However she is loud just like her daddy.
Her daddy sings very loud in the car while I was heavily pregnant.

So if somebody tells you to put down your baby when you don't feel like it, you can tell them that is the old way of parenting.
This era is all about love and attachments.
The Western finds this very hard to accept but so many scholars are choosing attachment parenting already even the celebrities.

I reckon that she has all the attentions in the world from the both of us.
Super jolly baby.

Because you are a gift and a treasure for mommy and daddy.
We will give our best to you.

Thank you for being with us.

Giving me the chance to love, nurture and nurse you into a brilliant girl. InsyaAllah.


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