Overly concern parents

Overly concern parents..

A couple came with their 2 months old baby.

Thought the baby has a cold so I took the thermometer. No fever.

The mother said,'he doesn't have fever'.
Okay so whats wrong with him.
Any cough or runny nose?

'Hmm he doesn't have cough or runny nose. It is just that he always cry for no reason,'said the mother.

I smile...
Looked at the baby.

He was grinning from ear to ear. Happy, active.

I conducted a thorough examination. Clearly the baby was fine and as healthy as a horse.

I faced the concern parents.

'Is this your first child?'

'Yes doctor'.

He is fine, active and happy. He has no fever, his throat is fine, his abdomen is soft, no gaseous.
I don't think there is any problem with him.

'Why does he cry for no reason at times?'asked the father.

Baby has his own mood. Maybe he was bored, maybe he wanted someone's attention, or hungry, or wet his diapers or popoo or he just cry for a reason only he knows.

As long as he doesn't cry all the time, he takes his milk, no vomiting and active, I don't think you need to worry.
However, it is good to be concern:)

They ended up laughing.
Feeling embarassed, they expressed their gratitude and walked away.

This is the first time, parents came to me asking why their baby cries at times.

I remember when Isabella reach 2 months old, she started showing different characters than her newborn behavior which was sleep the whole time.


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