Scarf and scarf

These days, I just don't go shopping.
Well since before having a baby, I didn't go shopping too unless I need something like new pump shoes since all the one I have were worn out from cruising the hospital up and down. Every 4 months I would need new shoes. So I got cheap pairs for work. Colorful and cute but cheap.

Now that I am wearing a scarf, I need new colours, new hijab but I just don't have the time to go look for them. I'd rather lazing on the bed with my prince and princess than braving the hot weather to look for clothes and scarf. So the answer is online shopping. Sometimes, online shopping is also a nuisance browsing through the pages that I end up not buying anything. It takes so much time. I am very stingy with my time except for reading. That one I can do it anytime...

So having a good friend, Miss Idah, she knows how busy I am and how much I liked her crumple scarf when she wore during her visit to see Isabella in the hospital. Her sister does an online business, you can find her at instagram Lovelyspell and Sheerlovecouture. So they just got new stocks and she kindly whatsapped me, showed all the colors and reserved them for me. What a great friend. I just told her the colors that I want and went to collect them from her house yesterday.
Saw few more which she didn't snapped on the phone and bought some more.
So, I got a bundle of scarf within few seconds. Easy peasy. Just RM 15 per shawl.

They are gorgeous.
So I wore it today.

I just love the colors on me.

To the extend, a lady/patient in the clinic commented how young I was.
She was shock to hear that I am 29 years old as she thought I was 23.

Seriously lady, 23?
Medical school takes 6 years to complete so by the time I graduated I was 25 years old.

hahaha for your information, when I was 23, I was jumping around rolling2 in the snow. Childish and carefree.

me:Saya da ada anak da.
lady: Owh dah ada anak??? Ingatkan belum kawen.

Was it because of the colorful scarf? Or because of my anti aging regimen.
Okay, that picture was with 360 effect.

This one is whithout the effect. Yea I looked a little bit pale without the effect.
I might need some colors on my face.

I am only using day cream by Loreal with spf 25.

And Mac loose powder. I hate it. It smell of cockcroach. I'll get a new one after I finish this one.

Do you know I have just realized I don't own a blusher or lipstick/lipgloss/eye shadow.
Where did they all go?
I used to have a bag full of makeup and now they are all filled with rubbish.

Must be I threw them during spring clean and I never bought new one.
You have to throw your makeup after expiry date.
The last time I bought a make up maybe 2 years ago or maybe before I became a doctor.

What has happened to me? I used to be that girl who spent 1 hour choosing an outfit for class trying that and this, getting ready with make up and hair. My leather jacket, boots and sunglass.
Wait a minute! Where is my sunglass now? Owh the last time I checked, last year, it was in my dashboard.

Well, new resolution is to apply make up again, just light and fresh look.
My inspiration...
Jeng jeng jeng..

Miranda Kerr!!
I mean the fresh dewy look.
Not that I can look like her.
Anyway she is not real. Look at her!She's a doll. hahaha. She's just too gorgeous and I adore her since forever.
If I was Orlando Bloom, I wouldn't have stayed away too far from her to the cost of their marriage.
What a waste. 

Okay, back to make up.

Hmm, I have no idea how to begin.
Maybe I should buy the equipments.Hmm what should I buy?
I tried you tube but they were too boring.
Maybe I should request a private tutorial from my friend MUA Makeupbyshazreeyana. Or I will join her next makeup class.
Do you know that she will participating in Highness RizmanRuzaini's campaign. She will doll up the models.
Yeay!So happy for her. Seriously she is so talented.
Pretty right? Love her make up.
I shouldn't walk with her.

These days my night regime consist of Revitalift Laser!!

This cream is so good. I am taking a photo of my face everyday to see the changes.
The smell is superb.
Well, my husband is 'curi-curi pakai' too.

I don't mind though. Everyone should take care of his or her skin.

Okay, I can hear Isabella sucking on her thumb. She must hungry again or just to disrupt mommy's blogging time. I just fed her like 2 minutes ago.
I better go or she will 'mengamuk'.
She must got that from her daddy as I am very well behaved regardless what my husband thinks.
Okay she got it from me, impatience..

Baby, please take only the goodness in me and throw away my bad side.

Good night:)


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