Soul Mate

Soul mate.

I believe in soul mate.
My husband is my soul mate.
Why do I say that?
Because he just know what I feel like eating.
Such a mind reader.
The other night around 11 p.m. and I had just finished work and we were on our way to my MIL's place.
We were hungry and rushing to get back for funeral.
In the car, I asked him if he was hungry.
He replied that he does and asked the question back.
Me too.

Hubby:Do you want Mc D drive through?

Me:Eh camne you tau?I pk dlm hati tp mls nak sebut.
hubby:Ala otak u tu tak susah sgt nak baca.hahaha.

Today after settling some bills in KL, we were heading home through Sg Besi highway.
Hubby said,'Starbuck jom'.
I was so shocked because I was thinking the same thing at that moment.
I looked at him,'Can you read my mind?Are you a psychic?'.
Bomoh ke?

Or maybe it was a coincidence.
We have too many coincidences.
I believe when 2 persons live together, they develop similarities and that is whats happening.

I wonder why he never commented on how I can read his mind.
Does that mean I can't read him?Not his soul mate?

I think he was too lazy to admit.
I am sure I can read his mind.
Not a rocket science babe.


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