Kids education cost a fortune

Today, I met a patient who is teaching in Nexus International School.
The school is so near my house, basically next to our housing area.
So I was curious about the fees.
How much is the fees for 3 years old kid?
She replied its expensive.
hmmmm jeng jeng jeng
how much??
For registration you have to pay RM 20k. That is for the school uniform, books and etc.
Holy Cow!
Still you have to pay deposit and she wasn't sure the cost.
We'll get the money back.
I didn't hear her next words as my head was ringing from the 20k.
The fee you have to pay by term (every 4 months) >RM1800.

Well I didn't set my mind to send Isabella there.
I was just curious.
Now, hearing this. No baby you don't need that kind of education.
Mommy never went there and I am a straight A's student.
hahahhaaha making myself feel better for unable to afford that kind of school.
But seriously why do you need 20k and plus fee?
Maybe the classrooms were made of gold with diamond plaque.
Ok I'm not making fun of the school.

So far that I heard of were Smart readers. Per year you have to pay RM 1500 and the monthly fee is RM270.
Now this is something mommy can afford.
Anyway, I am thinking baby, you should be homeschool by me.

You know I have been reading about parenting and children.
I have to agree on somethings written.
Researches shown that babies and toddlers these days are pressured to mature and excel beyond their biological development.
Which is unhealthy.
They are pushed to walk sooner by inappropriate task, they were taught to read way and do Maths way earlier.
Even before they are ready.
We should coach our kids according to each kid's readiness.
These days, if a child unable to read by 5 years old, he is labeled as slow learner, illiterate.
Being able to read that early doesn't make you cleverer than others.
I didn't say that.
The scientists did.
Well they did the researches.

So now it opens my eyes.
I do agree to let children be children, to enjoy their nature and developments according to their own clock.
I am not opposing of teaching your child, I am teaching my baby but like I said, no pressure.
If he can take it, he can stay focus that means he is ready for a little bit of lesson but not more than 5-10mins.
Or maybe 30 mins if he is older.
However, the teaching should be like a relax talking environment.
Not like a class.
Learning should be fun and not like learning at all.

It triggers me to research more about children's development, psychology and how to guide them to bloom.
I'd say that this is my passion.
Imagine having a daycare that implant my way of nurturing children in a safe environment the way a doctor takes care of her child or baby.
Learning through stories and play in a creative environment.
No sitting still on the chair facing a book.
Well this is for 1 year old to 4 years old kids.
This is what they practice in Finland and that is why they are rated as the best education in the whole wide world.
Unless this year they lost.
But the last I checked, they were no.1.

Now, where is that baby of mine. Are you ready to be home schooled by mommy?

Yes you are!!
Mommy too.
We'll have so much fun.
When you are older, I will tell you about Sirah Rasul dan Nabi.
That was how I learned moral and ethics.
Thanks to your grandpa.
He gave me the best people as examples:)


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