True love will always this is to those who have loved or lostand still believe in love

Oh - thinkin' about all our younger years

There was only you and me
We were young and wild and free

Now nothin' can take you away from me
We've been down that road before
But that's over now
You keep me comin' back for more

And baby, you're all that I want
When you're lyin' here in my arms
I'm findin' it hard to believe
We're in heaven

And love is all that I need
And I found it there in your heart
It isn't too hard to see
We're in heaven

Oh - once in your life you find someone
Who will turn your world around
Bring you up when you're feelin' down

~Heaven by Bryan Adams..
My favourite song..

I looked up as the words touched my ears. Turned to my husband next to me, this is my fabouritr song. The bride and groom walked hand in hand across the hall passing the candles lighting the aisle. The hall was quiet except for the love song filling up the dimmed lighted room. She looked so radiant. The pure joy emitted on the bride's lovely face was just as sincere as what she felt deep in her heart. The Heaven song was meant for them, each and every words. 

Everyone was captured in the moment, but the words took me back to some old memories. Back to the days when we young, wild and free.

If I think about true love, Mira and Nabil came to mind.
Their love story..

On my first day as a house officer in hospital Selayang, I met Dr Nabil. He was way senior almost finishing his housemanship and I was about to embark on this challenging journey.
It was scary, tough, I was lost. What should I do?Procedures, systems of work owh clueless. There Nabil was being a senior he taught me that and this. He was always calm and got along so well with the bosses. Somehow I adjusted under his wings. Maybe he didn't feel it that way but I was glad for having a senior friend while I take my baby steps. It was Ramadhan so we were still at the surgical ward during the 'breaking fast time' and Dr Mira came . She was a second poster, which means she was also my senior. She came to break the fast together with nabil.
So I knew they must be a thing.hahaha.

Later on Mira joined surgical department. She was pretty and fun and kind. We became fast friend with the whole surgical clan. Dr Adilla, Hanif, Ezzatul, Aliya, Rafizah, Hafiz, Nad. Those were the best time of housemanship period. A lot of laughters. Postcall and we still went to hang out or cinema and many more.You will always remember friends from your housemanship because they were the ones who made you get through the tough training. We were together during the ups an down. When we were shouted or scolded by the bosses, they were there when I made mistakes and learn by it, they were there on my happy day and on my worst oncall. That is why, they are friends you will keep at heart. They remind you about being Young and wild and free.

Mira and Nabil.. everyone could see how they were meant for each other. We weren't sure if they saw it that way. Maybe they did but the were at a junction. Nabil has never looked that way to anyone before. Mira was always happy with Nabil by her side. Still, they kept it cool as Mira was already engaged before she met Nabil. They had their ups and down.

Us being friends, we didn't want to barge with questions other than,'Are you going to be with Nabil?'

Her answer was that she was engaged and was planning to get married soon.
She has her reason.

Nabil and Mira they weren't going out. They were just 2 persons who loved each other but couldn't be together in their minds.

I guess Nabil didn't want to steal another man's fiancee and Mira heavy heartedly couldn't disappoint the future in law's family.

However, we could see she was so different when her fiancee was next to her during the get together. She was so quiet and she wasn't our bubbly Mira anymore. What can we do?

Months have passed. Mira got married.
I met her few times with her husband. She and all my great friends came for my bachelor's party sleep over. It was so great meeting everyone after sometimes. Us being doctors in different departments, we couldn't possibly see each other much. Mira remained cool but tight lipped about her marriage.

Being newly married, means you are just flying high with love and beaming with joy. She didn't have that. Secretly it tore my heart. Deep inside I prayed to Allah to grant the best for this dear friend of mine who have been there through my good and bad days during the training.
She deserves happiness.

Years passed by.. We were all sent to district for work. Years of not seeing each other in person. Couldn't count the meeting in facebook.

I saw Mira and Nabil's pre wedding photos in facebook.
My reaction was Whattttt?
tenyeh mata.
Is this true?
I was so happy that I jumped in my bedroom with my husband looking at me incredulous.

So tonight is the night when True love actually wins.
Despite what tangling web that we faced to be together, it does not matter except what the heart really wants.
Love will always win.
We just have to dig inside for courage to fight for it.
How badly do we want this?
Can I live without you?
Will life be the same with you in someone else's arms?
Not being able to call you mine will tear me apart.

No matter what happens, no matter how many years have passed by, Nabil has been waiting for Mira secretly.And he was still in her eventhough she tried hard to throw him away with in respect for her husband.
Time was not an essence when it comes to love.
Allah shows them the way. Some people might raise an eyebrow but this is the journey of their lives, qada' and qadar. Who are we to question this when Allah planted love inside their heart and let it bloom.
There must be Hikmah in everything that has happened.
Once she was separated from her ex husband.. I guess Nabil came back.
She has no ties and he could make her his forever.

Tonight..she looked so different from the other night. She was smiling, a radiant bride. Laughing through the night. Happy and nervous to embark on a new chapter but she was calm knowing her true love is by her side. She has fought a battle and she was brave enough to take a big step in pursuit of happiness.
Knowing her, I know she didn't make the decision easily.
As her friend, I am so proud of her and happy beyond words. 
It is about time darling for you to feel the blessing of marriage, be with someone who flutters your heart.

It was a beautiful wedding in the Duchess Place Ampang. Everything was beautiful. We were entertained by a band playing English Love Songs and they were all my favourite. The wedding made us feel their love for each other and it brought tears of happiness to my eyes as I watched her walking down the aisle.
The food was awesome and I especially love the emcee Dr Hanif (doctor cum bidan terjun emcee) and the splendidly funny toast by Ned.

When it comes to love, there is no right and wrong.
This story is for those who have loved and believe in love.
Never give up in the pursuit of your happiness because true love will win.
I am saying this to my friends I love so much and who are still single. hahaha I know they are reading this.
Love is the best thing and everyone has a partner so never give up because somewhere behind the clouds, there is a special love for someone incredible like you.

As for us, we are happy to celebrate the wonderful, meaningful night with the charming couple.Loving the people in this group.

While we reminiscing about the good old days. Love them And I miss them so much.
Me and him go way back to Russia. hahaha. and we went through housemanship together. Missing his silliness and mine too hahaha.

Lastnight, being around this group of incredible people was a blessing.
Took me back to old times.

Thank you for inviting us for your special night.

Congratation to the newly wed from us..
Love u Mira!!


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