So much to do and so little time.This is a tale from a jealous wife

What I want to do in my life??
That is a very big question with a lot of little answers..
I want to do something which can help others.
The question is revolving around which course should I take for Master program.
I want something which can benefit others.
I am also very passionate about children so I am looking for Child health courses.
It is like public health but it is regarding children.
For now I am still researching on the best course for me.
If God willing, I wish to apply next year for Master.

Yup that is another thing that I wish to pursue.
For now I am researching and completing project work.
I can't reveal yet the plan fearing that it won't get realized.
So fingers cross.
So this year gonna be a super hectic year.
Maybe I shouldn't have bought the Europe ticket?
My husband just shook his head.
Anyway, currently he is busy with his production company.
That is a good news.
He is starting a production house with his friends and they are working on a theatre somewhere in September.
Maybe that will be my first time watching a teatre.
Which means, he is also busy with meetings these days.
I will update more about his theatre and all of us can go watch.
Because of our hectic schedule, baby Isabella is being passing around or we take turns babysitting her.
However these days she has so many akai.
She gets very angry when one of us is missing or if we leave her to her grandma.
Her voice God knows is so loud and when she whined lastnight, my mum said the neighbours must thought that they were torchering a baby.
I am also reading his scripts for a drama in Bosnia.
I can't wait to see him on the screen again..and laugh..hahaha
So funny when you see your husband acting.
He acted on several dramas and one time in a film. However, he has slowed down his acting career as he got involved more behind the scene directing and producing.

The thing I am worried about is..
what if he touches the actress?haha
not really worried but wondering how I would feel at that times.
Will I be 'Owh ya thats ok' cool about it.
Or will I be 'Omg!U cheated on me by talking or smiling to a girl'.
hahaha that is why I was reading his script.
I can tell you that there are scenes which make me wish I won't have to see.
My husband wooing another girl??
Big NO!!
You can only woo me babe.
Ok whatever.
Just hand me a large check to feed my jealousy later.
Calm down..
We should trust our husbands, their niat on trying to build a career and support the family.
Ya maybe I will get jealous a little or a lot but it doesn't mean I don't trust him.

It means I love you.

Booo mommy!!!

The end of my whining..


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