What if the world has no doctors?? This is the non-medicinal tips toget better

What if the world has no doctors??
I don't know about you but I grew up without visiting a doctor ever.
Healthy as a horse.
I mean there was fever once or twice in a year, couple of diarrhea but yeah didn't have to see the doctor.

I always have this feeling that this young generation see doctor too much for trivial cases.
When there are other things you can try instead of popping pills.

1)The most common thing ever..I'm so tired of this...Common cold.
Mild fever or no fever at all, sore throat, coughing, runny nose, headache, bodypain.
If you see a doctor, you will be getting some cough mixture, piriton, lozenges, panadol and these medications don't really help you.
They are just to get you by.
You will still feel sick for 1 week or more.
What you need is to strengthen your immunity in term of nutrients to facilitate the clearance of viruses.

So, you really don't need to see a doctor for a mild coughing.
This do not apply to wheezing, days of high fever and to little babies and toddlers.

-Make a chicken broth with a lot of garlic and ginger for good nutrients.
Garlic has bacteriacidal property. Chase away bacteria.
-Take a lemon and squeeze it in water. Add a tablespoon of honey and drink this 5 to 8 times in a day.
You will get better faster than the medicine.
-Take a lot of Oranges for natural Vitamin C.
-Gargle your mouth and throat with mouthwash.
-Drink a lot of water.

(This is the secret)

Doctor..sakit kepala sebab tak cukup tido..
Ya I know u want MC just say so.

A simple headache doesn't merit a visit to a doctor.
Unless you have it so often.The pain is unbearable.
Feeling dizzy, drowsy, vomiting, fitting and etc.
You have an underlying disease such as Hypertension, hypotension, you are pregnant, Diabetes Mellitus and such.

If you have headache, take a deep breath to calm yourself. Sometimes, this is due to a sudden pressure recently like stress.
Get into the shower and wash your head to cool down the heat.
Take a big bottle of water and hydrate yourself.
If you haven't eaten, grab a bit of bread, just something to eat.
Lie down and sleep.
Or if the pain is bad, just take a panadol and sleep.
If after you wake up, you don't feel better, please see the doctor.

This is what I do. I seldom use panadol because all those steps help me for years.

afterworking out, after futsal, just a fall without fracture, or work.

Bodypain-just apply hot oil and rub softly on the musle.
Hydrate and rest.
If it after work out, the pain will go away after 3 days.
If you feel neck pain because of sitting at the desk for too long, try a relaxing massage.
Go for a walk in the weekend. Take a fresh morning air.
Most of the headache, back pain and bodyache that we feel are due to lifestyle and stress.

4)Backpain (lenguh belakang)
Not you spine but like a layman term 'sakit pinggang'.
sakit urat.
-Rub hot oil
-hot water bottle.
-lie down on the hard surface like the floor.
-avoid sitting and walking for few days.
-no heavy lifting for a while
-proper posture.
-lie down.

5)Mouth ulcer.
sigh..Ulcer pun org datang jugak jumpa doctor.
My dad used to make me gargle salt and water for this.
It stings a bit but very helpful.
And apply butter on the ulcer.
Tada !!
Drink a lot of water.

6)Sakit perut, diarrhea.
Most simple diarrhea will go away without medication.
Most important thing is to hydrate.
So if you have food poisoning, just buy a big bottle of 100 plus and drink 2 litres in a day.
You will feel hydrated and energized despite the losing of fluid and electrolytes from diarrhea and vomiting.
As long as you are still vomiting, hold off the food intake until you tummy feel better.
Then, start with soft diet such as soup and porridge.
If you can tolerate it, you can try rice again.
But stay away from spicy food until you full recovered.

The main thing here is drink water!!Or else you will feel dehydrated, weak, muscles' fatigue.

6)Sprained ankle..
Apply ice immediately.
Hot oil and bandage.
Elevate the affected foot on a pile of pillow.
Rest that leg.
Seize pressure on the foot.

7)Skin allergies.
Like heat rash or dermatitis.
Nappy rash-baby nappy cream.
Vaseline cream.
Virgin coconut oil.
Remember, when your skin appears dry and flaky, it becomes itchy.
If you scratch it, you will make it worse.
So, always moisturize it!!over and over again.

8)Small cut.
If you are concern, you can clean with antiseptic.
Apply plaster.
Usually, there will be no infection and it will dry up and heal on its own.

So, hopefully this can help you.
All of these are just minor things that they will go away.
Not everything is about meds.
I don't know about you but I didn't grow up with meds.
I had common cold just like any kids and my dad bought me fruits a lot!!
And he told me to drink water.
I got a few cut and bruise from falling down a bike pretending I was lapping a superbike in feont of a football field while the boys were playing soccer.
And I didn't even tell my father.

Sometimes, we need to let our body do its work without drugs to strengthen our immunity.
Don't let your kids become whiny with every cold needs a medicine.
Remember, less than 2 years old child shoul not be getting cough mixture and flu medicines.
What should you give??
Scroll back up and read again.
Or I wrote an entry on what to do when your baby has a cold.


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