5 months blessings

Isabella is 5 months old today.
We were so happy that mommy took her for a twirl around the house.

I guess it is time that mommy starts thinking about a second child.
Imagine having another child as adorable the one I have. Two loves and twice as happy.
Sometimes, when I look at Isabella lying quietly asleep, next to me, it makes me wonder if I will have enough love for my next child. How can a person loves so much?
The next child will be as precious as this one. Still I can't help wonder how much love Allah gives for a mother to feel. Subhanallah.

There are so many miracles in life. We should be very grateful to OUR Creator.

Up until now, I am still breastfeeding Isabella fully. She has so much energy now which means, she demands attention.

I was just lying on the bed next to her just now, browsing on social media after a long day out while she hugged her soft toy Kitty. Dup! A kick to my tummy. I turned to her. There they were two pairs of eyes peeking through the soft toy laughing at me. What a mischievous little fairy. I just have to cuddle her and was rewarded with a series of giggle and smile from her.

Got absorbed with my instagram again until she started her game again and again laughing everytime mommy turned to her.

Her characters are emerging.
Very playful and naughty.

She likes splashing water at me during bathing time and laughs whenever I say 'No' to her disapproving her mischief.

Whenever she lies on my lap while I breastfeed, her little eyes will study my expression and her lips will curl into a smile. Her small hand took my fingers in her palm placing the back of her hand on my lips for a kiss.

I think my girl finds me very hilarious. She laughs to my jokes all the time.
Her laughter is so infectious that it brings laughter from us,

One of the sweet moment we shared was, she was busy sucking her left fist, her eyes looked up and saw me watching her. Immediately she took her right hand and placed it into my mouth which took me by surprise and had me grinning ear to ear for her thoughtfulness.
Of course mommy declined gracefully.
'No thank you baby for your kindness but I am full':)

Every night, before her bedtime, we will roll in the bed together. I will bring my face close to hers, and that tiny little palms will place themselves on my cheeks bringing my face closer to her to a kiss.
All I feel is an unconditional love that hits infinity. I wonder how lucky I am to be given this Gift.
She is everything that I have ever wanted and even more.

I want her to feel love and safe so that she can blossom like the newly bloomed rose.

A baby needs love, care and attention. I wish that all babies are kissed and cuddled, to know how much they are loved and wanted. My heart breaks to the unfortunate babies out there:) We can't save all but what we can do is cherish our little ones. Give them our best of care, love and attention.

As for my next child..uhuhuh sakit oo.
Maybe next year. Or the next year depending on my mood. If only we can have a baby without going through pregnancy and delivery. Just cough out a baby. 'Walla! Here your baby. Now wipe your spit'.

As a doctor, I can't help but say this, it is advisable to space each pregnancy to 2 years to allow your body to heal, to store up the nutrients in your body in preparation for the next baby.

If you are fully breastfeed, you might not have menses upto 8 months. However, to be on the safe side, you can start practising contraception from 6 months.
Speaking of contraception, I wonder which one should I choose.

4)Pills- you have to be very discipline to take this
5)Depopovera injection every 3 months- not gonna get injection every 3 months. I hate needle.
6)Barrier method-Condom
7)Calendar method- unreliable if your period is not regular.
8)IUS- Mirena-probably the best.
9)Coitus interruptes

p/s: I told my husband that we should have Isabella's 6 months birthday party but he told me people would laugh at me. You guys won't laugh right?? It is a thing la 6 months birthday party:P


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