A mother who has it easy

So I was reading an entry at Proud duck regarding discipline, trying to teach little Daniel to sleepthrough. I didn't know he still awakes up at night.
Scroll down to comments..27 comments.
Mothers all shared about their kids with the same problem. Some infants sleep through after the age of one year. OMG!!it must be tiring having to wake up several times at night even if you need to work the next day.
They were sharing how it was tough, need a lot of patience.
And here I am in the clinic working with my baby sleeping next to me.

I turned to her..hmm she is sleeping. Never disturbs me while I work.
I can just leave here there and she will just watch people moving around.

She has slept through since my confinement days.
I have never been a zombie.
I even take her during our facial visits.
In fact I take her every where even without my husband.
And I am so used to it that I find having a baby so easy peasy.

I hope she stays that good and my next baby will be an angel too.
Please God.

There is still many years to come. Who knows that she might torchers me when she starts running.hehehe

p/s: If my baby cries I get very panic because she rarely cries and they are always very short whine.


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