A psycho on the loose..

I was just at home when my good friend whatsapped me.
Somebody has been using my Isabella's photo in wechat and pretending to be her babysitter.
In her comments, she said that Isabella has been with her for a week since her mother was has something to do in Terengganu.
She is Isabella's mama.
I think she took my photos from facebook.
What a psycho.
If you read her comments, she sounded psychotic with her stories.

I would never leave my baby to a psycho girl.
I will start putting watermark on my photos from now on.

What tak bergerak?? How can you pretend to be a babysitter when you don't understand a baby.

A baby will always move.

Only a statue doesn't move girl.

Isabella poopped on her clothes last week in clinic.
This is very new.

She even changed the name to Issabel Natasha. hehehehe

She's my daughter??hahaha.
My labour pain is still fresh.

She must be really lonely and sick to pretend like this.

To those out there, I guess we should put watermark on our photos to avoid this.
And watch our babies and kids closely to avoid any mishap.
We never knows who might be watching.
Do not let them out of our sight.


  1. Takutnya aku...pasni gmbaq ja kena letak watermark kan...

    1. betoi tu.kita tak sangka ada org pelik2 dlm dunia ni kan.haish


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