Hye everyone,

I do feel like I need to write a lighter post. The thing is my life involves in bigger stuff.
So here goes..issues.

I woke up today feeling worse to wear.
It felt like a hammer was hammering into my head. Couldn't even open my eyes.
It was the worse headache ever and I rarely like very rarely or almost never get a headache.
So anyway, I started vomiting again and again.
Vomiting is an act to release the pressure.

Sakit gilerrrr.

When I finally had my strength, I said to my husband,' I think I am pregnant'.

(Just teasing him but he didn't know that).

He was like, 'Hah?? Apa?? betulke? Baby kecik lagi. Macam mana ni??'

Super gelabah as if he was the one who has to give birth. Duhh.


Me: Kalau I betul2 pregnant, would you abort this baby?'
hubby: No!! never!! Takkan syg.
me: Eventhough we are not ready yet?
hubby: Dah pemberian Allah. Tak baik tolak mcm tu.

I was just testing. I have encountered several ladies who were married but still choose abortion.

Lady: Doc, saya ni pregnant. Tapi saya dah cukup anak dah.
Me: Ok (still waiting for the punch line).
Lady: Doc ada ubat utk baby ni tak. Saya tak mau baby ni.
Me: Puan nak ubat utk saya bunuh baby ni ke?
Lady: hmm aaah ada tak? Tapi doc baby ni takde nyawa lagi so takpe la kan.

Ya lady say that to comfort and justify your act. And she is a Muslim who covered herself.

Her reason was because she has enough kids. I asked her if she can add another one?
Cannot. No choice.

What if Allah takes one of the kid away?

I am sorry puan, I can't help you because I just won't. I was upset but I didn't let my emotions be released on her.

I also didn't bother lecturing her. Malas.

Even if you say the baby is just 8 weeks old and small and not even fully formed yet, I am sure he has a heartbeat by 8 weeks. How sure are you that he doesn't feel anything? I believe trees feel pain, animals too.
And say whatever you want, that is a life and you choose to end a life.
Your own flesh.

Gambar sekadar hiasan.

I felt teary at that moment. Well I was pregnant. I remembered how excited I was to find out that we were having a baby.
The same news with 2 different reactions. This parents didn't want their baby and another parents longed for the wonderful news.

I met another couple again last week.

Life memang macam2.

Tapi I can't accept a married couple wanting abortions.
Kalau tak kawen tu I know la dia byk akan hadapi kalau mengandung luar nikah.

Maybe if you don't want a baby you should be diligent on contraception.
Or you can give to someone else.

Maybe someone somewhere is longed for a baby...
And here you are being ungrateful with Allah's gift.

See Isabella dah lecture daaa.
Peace uolls.


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