Facial day again

Yesterday it was facial day!!
Once in a month, I would spend a day doing facial.
However, these days I have a partner because my husband has decided to join in.
I love JWC salon in Sg Wang Plaza 2nd floor.
I tell you that it is the best!!
No wonder everytime we visited the place, we always bumped into celebrities doing treatment.
If you have read my entry 'The unconventional way of parenting' you'd know that we found out about this place from Elfira Loy.

Auntie Lily can work a miracle on your face leaving the skin fairer, smoother, softer and all without a trace of a scar.

Go visit them. They are not even that expensive.
I'm not promoting but just trying to help.
I had serious pimple during pregnancy and they left me with scars:(
Now they are almost gone. They got smaller and smaller and leaving a small spot on the cheeks.
Imagine my relief.
So I thought I should share. Good skin is what we woman aim for right. I know Sg Wang is far and crowded and I myself was not a fan. However, now that I have been a regular, I don't mind the whatever comes with it. Just do the magic.

As usual, baby tagged along.

The aunties kept on saying how she has grown bigger and cuter from her last visit.
They have been so kind to keep an eye on her.
She loved the attention.

Some customers thought she was a Chinese baby or Korean or Japanese.

We were busy in the treatment room but we could hear all the commotion outside.

Really friendly place.
Next time I am going to try the Philipe Marcel Stem cell drops. Just seeing how my husband's skin lighten and glow made me want to try.

Well he forbidded me from posting his before and after photo..so.

Then, Isabella went to meet Aunt Dziannis.

Mommy had a great date night with her friends thanks to daddy who decided to be her driver for life.
Love him so much.

We need to meet up more often Dz.
Anyway this doctor will be getting married soon and I can't wait to celebrate with her. hahahaha. Syoknya.
I love wedding:)
So long..


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