Hats down Daddy..

 Malam Amal Setia Kasih 2 SMK Presint 16 (1).

My daddy's school held a charity event last night to raise fund for the school to get equipments.
The first event was done in 2012 and they managed to collect over RM 100 000 and this year they targetted over RM 400 000.

It is a function where parents, students and teachers gather for the benefits of raising a fund while be entertained by their students and singers.
This is when they display the youngsters talents and explain that the fund is to support their talents by providing music instruments, airconds for the hall, teaching equipments and to support several other motivational, Islamic programmes on top of their night classes.

The opening was silat display followed by traditional dance by the girls.

We were really entertained by the hosts Mr Fizo and Fahrain in a laidback style.

This boy sang Sandiwara Cinta. He couldn't really sing but A for the effort though and confidence.

The lady in red is their Science teacher Cikgu Fazlina and she can sing!!! She sang so well as if she has been doing that her whole lifetime.

Even Hafiz asked regarding her singing experiences. I wish she was my Science teacher. So confident, funny and laidback.
Here, they sang Ombak Rindu.

Hafiz Hamidun sang a song translated title  'If Rasulullah are still here...'
His voice was so gentle, beautiful as if it was a voice from paradise that I felt my eyes became waterry, missing Rasulullah eventhough most of the song was in Arabic.

The way he spoke was very gentle, very kind and soothing.
He is going to be a gentle husband and a loving one I reckon.

Hafiz sang Awan Nano, Deritaku bahagiamu, Ombak rindu and the last song was from his newly recorded album.
He received amazing cheers from youngsters. He climbed up the stairs to be near them. Imagine the students' reaction. Ya they went crazy alright.

However, they saved the best for last.
Datuk Ramli Sarip.
When he sang, his vocal was clear, powerful that it gave me goosebumps.
My seat was the second row, from the front and I was seating directly in front of him.

Audience kept on requesting more and more songs.
Being a good sport, he complied and sang Kamelia which received applause from the grateful crowd.
Thinking that was the way he was ending the night, we were so taken aback when he continued with Teratai Bunga Indah and everyone screamed ecstatically.

He received a standing ovation for the night.

Hubby got to be photographed with his idol.

My dad being the principle is a fan of Datuk Ramli Sarip thus the second time invitation to Datuk for the performance this year.
He might get another one for the 3rd Charity event again.

The last charity concert, my dad went and bought an original album of Datuk Ramli Sarip as soon as he heard him sang live.
So he kept telling me after that how powerful this 'Seniman' and how poetic his songs were.

Nursing jubah by Michikoscarves and black Maysara tudung people.

Loving my date night.

It was a great display of cooperations between PIBG and the school with multiple talents from the students.

I am very proud with my father's programmes where he conducted a daily Islamic 30 minutes of reciting Sirah Rasul, daily routine of short tazkirah given by the student's leader, tilawah classes which have been carried out continuously over the year.

He also does a daily of 'prep' time after school where the students have to study in the afternoon instead of going home to sleep or fool around.

Night classes for students as early as form 2 and form 4 to prepare for big exams previously.
And with all these workloads, the teachers and students love him as he is very fatherly, very geberous and kind eventhough he will walk around checking the classes daily, checking night class everytime, calling the attendance and etc. 

Unlike some other principle, he will be the first to arrive in his school every morning and will be the last to leave.

As his child, I felt totally abandoned since young.hahahaha. No, he took me tailing behind him all the time.
That is why I call him 'pendidik'. His students are amongst the important people in the government, professional such as famous specialist, doctor of the Sultan, millionaires, bussiness man, the famous Osman Ali to government servant.
Until today, they still gather at my house every raya to see their teacher Cikgu Chop. They donated for his school events, brought the most tickets, even sponsored for my weddings and etc.

They would tell me the stories about their beloved Cikgu Chop everytime I meet them.

He does everything for passion in his work as an educator. It was his kindness to the teachers and students that touched their heart. But it was his sense of humour that made them remember him forever.

Have I ever mentioned that I woke up in the middle of the night with abang-abang from hostel cooking in my house because they were hungry. He bought nasi for 20 abang-abang after they helped him mow the lawn together ritually. At that time, he didn't even have much money.

They taught him a Add Maths when he had an entrance exams for Master programmes which he was hopeless at, being an art students in school.

When I see him, I think again, how many of my teachers have I searched. I remember them but not well enough to the extend that I would pay flight tickets to them with their partners so that we can have a reunion yearly.

I mean my teachers were good, they taught me well for exams and I scored big time.
I wish that I can be a doctor who touches someones heart and made them remember Dr Hasifah haritu check saya...bla bla bla.

Not an easy task but we'll try..


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